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How much do you know about layers?

Starting today and every Tuesday forward I'll be sharing my knowledge of types of layers, how it's done and suitable hair type.

Blunt Layers

Also known as one-length layer or layerless hair is a blunt cut that emphasize a perfect straight across trim. I've seen some stylist use a razor to achieve the blunt cut and some using a cutting technique the ensure the tip of the hair is soft.
Suitable Hair Type:
Fine hair will benefit from this because helps create an illusion of thicker hair. Tip 1: If you have a lot of hair, ask you hairstylist to minimize the weight from the back so it doesn't appear too bulky.
Tip 2: If you have a wide forehead, adding bangs can balance your face shape.
Tip 3: curling the ends or waving the hair softens square jaws and gives your hair an interesting texture.
Tip 4: ombre coloring gives your hair more dimension and brightens up your complexion.