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This aired on MTV last night!!!!

We get to see Sam and Wanda in action alongside Cap!!! How sick is that!!! Civil War is getting its world premiere for the cast and critics tonight (and then released May 6th in the U.S. for the rest of us) and it looks amazing!!!!! What's everyone most excited about?
I'll probably cry during the movie
@CreeTheOtaku I will definitely cry several times
I will most likely be crying too. It's going to be sad. I am also excited to see how all of them are going to be fighting each other instead of working together. So excited!! I am counting down the days as we speak lol.
@SarahRegulski same!!! All these new clips have been so upbeat and I'm like "well I've seen all the happy minutes of the movie the other 120 are gonna be sadsville" XD