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Since we haven't done a vote card yet, I just decided to do Kookie (BTS) today! So here is some info on him!
Jeon Jungkook has a lot of different nicknames such as Kookie. His stage name is Jungkook. He is the Maknae, or youngest, of the group BTS or Bangtan Boys. He is usually referred to as 'The Golden Maknae'. He is 18 turning 19 on Sept. 1 this year. His original birthdate is 9/1/97.
Kookie loves taking pictures! If he is somewhere new or beautiful you will almost always find him with a camera. Even at fansigns!! But it's mostly just for fun! Especially the selfies!!!
The Golden boy's best friend from the group is Park Ji Min (stage name: Jimin). /first picture/--Though he says he also feels very close to Kim Tae Hyung (stage name: V). /second picture/--
Well that's it for today! I hope I'll see you guys tomorrow for 'Tae Hyung Tuesday!' Tag list: @JohnEvans Let me know if you guy wanna be tagged in future cards for this segment!!
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I just realized that the first picture on the third row is Kookie and Jin...*facepalm*