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Markson. . I was just looking at the way Jackson is looking at him.. this usual thing they do..looking at eachother like that. .
these are some picture of the trip they have to L.A. and others are from the Vacation Mark went home with Yugyeom. .
This Jr tho.. if you look closely he is posing all the time .. look how he walks.. "Excuuuseeee Meee!?" ( Jackson's voice )
They look like they had a hell of the
These picture are Mix.. with Yugyeom and Jackson.
When the Boys went to L.A. Mark held a Birthday Party for BamBam by his pool.. here are some pictures. . I read somewhere that BamBam, the birthday boy, was thrown to the pool lol..
Poor BamBam. .lmaoo.. those hyungs.. But Iam sure he had lots of
and another Markson picture to end this card.. notice this is part of those other pictures we saw before when the came out of the Music Bank, but this wasn't included. . No..need to say more
@MaricelvaRomero haha right?
When your parents ship MARKSON lol !!!