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My hair is longer now than it is in pictures 7, 8 & 9. & it's darker than it is in pictures 7, 9 (top right, bottom left)& 10 (bottom left). I'm also older now than I am in picture 10. For another pic, check out my collection. 'EmmaJolie's Collection'. Full name: Emma Jolea Wagner Birthday: November 25, ???? Age: ?? Home country: United States of America Birthplace: Evansville, Indiana Home state: Indiana Blood type: A Natural hair color: Dark Brown (almost black) Height: 5'4 (162.56 cm) Weight: 121.0 lbs (54.885 kg) Fav color(s): single color- Blue. Combo-Black and red. Fav KPOP groups: BTS, GOT7, Boys Republic, Monsta X & EXO. Eyes: Hazel /brown, green & blue/(changes w/seasons) they're more green at the moment. Allergies: Hay & a certain kind of medicine. (Can't remember the name of it rn). Dreams: to be a foreign language teacher or a multi-lingual singer and to meet all my Biases. Hate: Bananas, most veggies, bad grammar, the stuck up "populars", people who interrupt me while I'm fangirling & music that just sounds like screams and noises. Love: most foods, anime, manga, KPOP (of course), traveling to new places, dogs, some cats & beanies (the hats). Things I like in a guy: nice, can cook (even if just a little), good sense of humor, polite, responsible, fun & has some of the same interests! More: I like kids who are well behaved. I'm extremely lazy. I like to lay in bed or try to dance, I suck, hence the word 'try'馃槀. I have lots of social medias. I'm barely on any of them. I like to wear nice really girlie clothes with high heels and makeup and earrings if I think it's a special day. Most of the time I'm lazy and throw on some sweatpants, a t-shirt or tank, tennis shoes, a sweatshirt and a beanie. I'm extremely weird. So weird in fact, that I refer to myself as a freak! Lol. I'm pretty sure that's it! There you go, @aliendestina !! I would also like to know who you guys would ship me with from BTS & GOT7.
@aliendestina I commented on your list card, but I'm 13. I was born in 2002. If you want you can make up an age for me
how old r u
@AbbyRamey yes I do! that's so cool!!
@EmmaJolie no problem
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