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Hello my lovely St☆rlights!! So Today is normally Satan disguised as a day, so we do this to hopefully brighten up your day, or afternoon rather!

I've had a crazy few days, so I didn't get the chance to make any, but I found some to stand in.

Oh Ken Bugg. . .You are precious Sir. Let me love you and hold you to shield you from all that is evil in this world. (N included) HAAH

I just want to pet him.

Love these boys. They are so loveable. See ladies, VIXX understand the Fangirls struggle with a tug-o-war of your heart with Leo.

Great Job Guys. Thank you for understanding and painting a clear picture for everyone to see!!

Okay! So if you want to do meme Mondays, upload your favorites and be sure to tag us VIXXENS. We'd love to see your Cards!

Tagging VIXXENS:


@StephanieDuong I do too!! He's really awesoeme! @lovetop Haha yeasss!
True,,,Game SET!!! the End!!
I LOVE VIXX TO DEATH. And why is Taekwoon so adorable? That's why he's my UB of life. 😭
it's true. once you start noticing and caring about Leo, there's no turning back XD
omg Leo! He is so fluffy!
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