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He closes his eyes, puts his forehead on yours. Taking a deep breath he whispers, “Gimme a minute.”
Give him a minute?!? Your head falls back to the door, you make sure quietly. You swear this relationship is doomed. Even in real life there are interruptions!
He reaches up and pulls your head back down, placing a sweet kiss on your lips. When he pulls back his sexy smile is in place,
“To be continued.”
He lets go of you and as he goes to open the door, he looks back.
“I’ve got this. You’re sick so you’d better head out to your car.”
He looks back one more time at your mussed hair and swollen lips,
“Damn,” and heads out the door.
You can hear him being greeted in the hall by one of the members,
“Dude, where’ve you been? Why you coming out of the janitors closet? Where’s [YN]?”
“Really? I haven't been hiding, sure you aren't blind? [YN]? I don't know, she got sick. I came out of the restroom and she was throwing up. I helped clean it up, did someone check the women’s restroom?”
“You helped clean it up?”
“Yeah, I clean up after you meatheads, why not? She looked really bad. You wanna come back and help me? I still need to clean the mop out?”
“Uh, no I’m good thanks. Guess we can send one of the back-up dancers to check the ladies room.”
“I say we just let her be if she doesn’t show up in 10 minutes. We can just go over what she taught us and call it good.”
You sink to the floor of the janitor’s room as their voices fade off down the hall. What are you doing? You’re too old for this nonsense! Your hand goes to your lips and the memory of his first passionate kiss. You thought your dreams were bad; Lord, how are you going to survive today?
Around dinner he starts texting.
HN: You alright?
YN: Yes. Thank you for lying.
HN: I've worried about you all day. I wanted to text before.
YN: It's alright. Are you alright?
HN: Rofl, I wouldn’t quite put it that way.
You close your eyes, it doesn't take much to recall those brief few minutes from earlier.
HN: Noona..
YN: Yes [HN]?
HN: Please tell me you don’t have a roommate.
Your heart starts beating faster, he couldn't, could he?
YN: No but how would you..
HN: Let me worry about that.
You look around your apartment, not much needs to be cleaned but some things tidied would be nice. You look over at your bed; definitely a change of sheets.
He didn’t give a time frame, so you do what you can until he arrives. As you get out of the shower you hear a knock at the door. You dry off quickly, applying lotion at the speed of light. Grabbing your robe you head out just as a knock comes again. You aren’t expecting anyone else and you really hope it's only him you're opening the door in your robe for.
You take a deep breath and slide off the lock. As you open the door he’s leaning against the door jam. As he sees you he straightens up and backs you up as he enters.
“I was hoping that was what the wait was for.”
His eyes take you in, inch by inch and then make their way back up to your face. His gaze stops at your lips; and you unconsciously lick them. When his gaze gets to yours there is nothing but molten lava that instantly ignites a response in you.
“Noona..” he whispers as he lowers his head to yours.
As he’s kissing you, he’s backing you more fully into the apartment. When the back of your knees hit the mattress you let him lower you down.
He slides your robe off one shoulder and starts in with little love bites. His moans are intoxicating, auditory and physical together are killing you.
You decide he’s wearing too many clothes and make him assist you in getting rid of his shirt. That damn smile is back; the one that melts you and he knows it.
“Tell me..” he says as he starts on the tie of your robe.
“Tell you what?”
Your brain isn’t functioning at the moment, what is he asking?
“Tell me how you like it,” he whispers as he lowers himself to you and begins his own form of worship service.
I can't believe the only one I be thinking right now is jeongkook OMG I've got it bad lol
Ohhh good lawd!! Damn it's hot in here! lol
*eyes glaze over* Omo... my young man. I can't, he knows how to take care of every situation.. daebak. Jinyoung, the killer. I'm dead
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