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2NE1's Dara is usually the center of attention but that's not always the case. She recently talked about having her feelings hurt while filming 'Family Outing' with Uee. The two ladies had been guests on the show a few years ago, and Dara finally spoke up about the experience on the June 25 installment of 'Incarnation'. She said, "I filmed 'Family Outing' with Uee, and I was really hurt back then." The MCs said, "I heard you said you'd never film with Uee ever again." She quickly corrected them and stated, "It's not that. It's just that I filmed 'Family Outing' with Uee, but all the focus was solely on Uee, so I was hurt. Usually, I'm shy, but I went on the show by myself anyways. The label told me it would be okay since Daesung was there too. But when I went, I just wanted to go home. All the men were only focused on Uee. So basically, I just got completely edited out." She added, "Uee also did a sexy dance for everyone, but I brought along a hot dog outfit. I'm also scared of dogs, and there were big dogs at the filming location." http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/06/dara-talks-about-having-her-feelings-hurt-when-she-filmed-family-outing-with-uee
Sometime, You need to act same as in-out side this world. JUST FAKE AND EVERYONE HAPPY .
If she'll just go back in the Philippines, she'll not be hurt like that. Filipino are really hospitable and caring. :)))
Goodluck, Dara! right project will come in the right time. Patient is the key.
@dreamgirl she's just shy in general and I don't think she's blaming anyone here!
I feel for her for her for not having hardly any screen time, but she could have tried harder! I really love UEE on show as she's always hard-working. Anyway I hope Dara will overcome her fear and go on more shows!