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Hey guys it's been a long time since I've made a card. My life has been a train wreck for the last month... Anyways... Kuma Miko is a new anime with only 2 episodes currently out.... I'm about to tell you why you should put it on your list.
I started anime because I needed a feel good anime to watch... it definitely delivers that and more... This girl and bear live in a tiny mountain village... they are together because of the village traditions that I won't give away.... The journey I think these two characters starts when Machi (the young girl) asks Natsu (the bear) if she can go to school in the city.
The interactions between Machi and Natsu are funny and adorable. Natsu cares for Machi as a father would... but they are extremely good friends as well.
The unexpected part about this Anime was it's comedy... its not always light hearted. There is the village idiot character of course that delivers most of the humor in the show... but I'm actually surprised by the number of dirty jokes even though most are pretty tame I find myself laughing hysterically at them.
Yaasss!! Thank you for the preview :D i tired to start this last night but got so tired Ijust fell asleep (not the shows fault, lol)
I haven't started this one yet but I remember hearing about it before! I'm definitely putting it on my list.
omg I have to edit this so bad lol my phone updated and the quick text function sucks now.. so much bad grammar....
@InVinsybll good choice :) @hikaymm Haha I almost can't believe there's one you haven't started yet ;) I had to check to see if you had a preview first. It's great though lol