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You can ignore this, This is mainly for @aliendestina for a story.
A little but about me - I am clumsy, I can trip over absolutely nothing. - I'm 5'8" - I love to take pictures in my free time - I have an obsession with dying my hair - I always try to make sure everyone else is happy - I can be major Goof ball - I tend not to open up to people unless I'm super close to them - I prefer night to day - I am super shy - I have a heart shaped freckle under my left eye - I am very optimistic if I get upset it doesn't effect me long before I'm happy again - I listen to music all day every day - I'm a kid at heart and just want everyone to be happy ^_^ @aliendestina I hope this is enough if not I can tell you more ^_^
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@obiterdictum they are blueish gray
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@mrsjeon here since I already have a card about it lol
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AYE MWUAHAHA YEEY OKAY OWO IT shall be done by 2moro :3
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@mrsjeon Thank you love <3
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@Sammie99522 welcome ♡
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