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Everything is the worst forever.

We know Mark Ruffalo is returning as the Hulk, and Chris Hemsworth is obviously going to be there as Thor (seeing as it's his character's third solo movie it would be pretty weird without him). We even have Lady Sif and Loki, as well as a new character to be played by Cate Blanchett.


@ Marvel: WHY????

It's real news too, not just a rumor. Slashfilm is generally to be trusted when it comes to these things. They did mention that Tessa Thompson is joining the cast, though nobody knows who she'll be yet.

^^ there she is ^^

You might recognize her from Creed or Selma (bonus points if you know her from Dear White People or Veronica Mars). Who do you think she might be? Someone from the comics, or a new character? AND, since Jane Foster is out, what do you think the odds are...

.... that we'll see THAT version of Thor on film any time soon?

@CynthiaForeman yeah it's a little confusing. Like she's a scientist, she's busy, she's on Earth. I think it's easy to explain why she's not a major part of the movie. But not having her there at all is a little conspicuous
@shannonl5 they need a hella good excuse for her not to be in this move... there is only like 4 main characters in that movie and to take away one of the big four doesn't make any sense to me. terrible
@FrankNunezIII yup and Peter Quill too. Unless they bring in the Thor-bot they cut from Civil War XD
Thor was already confirmed to be in infinity war by the Russo's so I'm thinking Ragnarok isn't gonna be too apocalyptic if he's able to stick around.
@AcaciaNguyen I'd be down for that
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