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So, Burger King is suffering through some SERIOUS prank calls right now.
It started on Thursday, when employees of an Oklahoma City location were told by phone that there was a gas emergency and the restaurant could explode — unless they saved the day by smashing the windows. They did, and the location subsequently sustained $10,000 in damages, but the building was never going to light up.
Things didn't stop there though. On Friday in Morro Bay, California, location The Burger King sustained an estimated $35,000 in damages after duped employees smashed every window on premises and a manager inexplicably rammed his car into the building.

If you're the owner, what do you do? Should you be proud of the employees for acting fast in an effort to save everyone's lives?

Or are you ashamed that they were fooled so easily?

My fellow Vinglers, how would you handle this situation?
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@ebethoven i think it opens up an alternante dimension where explosisions generate rainbows and unicorn farts instead of fire and force and death and know, sciencey thingies
Did no one consider calling the fire department or the police? The minute anyone says gas leak or explosion all you'd see is my dust after I haul ass outside!
Knowing about utilites, if there was an emergency gas leak the gas company would be there in minutes fixing it with everyone in the building (and surrounding business/homes) evacuated. If someone over the phone told me to do that I would call the gas company just for verification.
@marshalledgar you're probably right. I doubt their insurance will cover this expense, so this could set them back big time
@christole I agree, but a lot of ppl panic when things like that happen.