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Make -Ki! Binging!! Who's seen it??馃槒
Pg13+ pics鉂楋笍鉂楋笍鉂楋笍鉂楋笍鉂楋笍 So loving this anime so far!! Honestly I think I've seen it before but just don't remember or some sort of deja vu lol but still love this anime!! It's fun, exciting and super sexy!! This ones for you @blackoutzj I'm sure you've seen it already but still some harem girls I couldn't turn down if I had to NAKAMA!!
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just binged season 2
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@ReaperSteel jealous I'm almost done with first season so second is coming next!! Is it good and based the same storyline too?? Don't spoil it but just want a few hints NAKAMA haha
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@ReaperSteel looks like there are 2 OVA followed by season 2 10 epi's then a side story of 5 epi's!! Sweet so plenty more to watch!!
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@LuffyNewman cool an extra five eps
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