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The struggle can be real when it comes to getting over that ex, but it doesn't have to be. If you find yourself missing those random dates and just having someone to kick it with, you might just find yourself in need of a man servant.
As far fetch as it sounds, they literally have a service for your every need these days -- even a man friend to come to your rescue.
This Los Angeles based start up, gives lonely women the opportunity to rent a man by the hour. While some women would find this to be outrageous, you would be surprised what a heartbreak would do to you.
In the video seen below, a woman has the pleasure of meeting the men behind this servantry. Keep scrolling to see the heights a 'man servant' will take to make a woman smile even after the worst heartbreak.

Would you pay for a man servant to come lift your spirits after a break up?

This sounds like it would TOOOOOOOTALLY back fire! When you're vulnerable after a breakup the chances of you falling for a gorgeous guy treating you right is high - and then you remember you're paying him..ouch!
VERY HIGH! Lol I totally agree. It's definitely not the best urea unless you plan on getting your feelings involved @sophiamor