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Earlier today, I stumbled across the weirdest thing on CSNBC.
According to this article I read, Sweden has created a national phone line allowing anyone in the world to call and chat to a random Swedish resident.
The platform was set up by by the Swedish Tourist Association (STA) is intended to mark the country's 250th anniversary of abolishing censorship.
While I thought this would be something that very few people would sign up to be apart of, 5,000 Swedes have signed up to receive calls from people around the world to talk about their country. According to the STA, more than 13,000 calls have been made since the hotline launched earlier this week and feedback has been very positive.
While I think this is incredibly cool, I also think it's pretty odd.

Would you shoot someone from Sweden a random call to see how things are going in their homeland?

I wonder what we'd actually end up talking about..
If I didn't have to pay the long distance charges, I might consider it.