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Just today I saw that @paulisadroid, the animatronic stuffed mouse that is the Video Games community moderator wrote a card about why Call of Duty is terrible and no one should play it.
I don't disagree with the points he made there, but it also made me think. I don't really enjoy the Call of Duty franchise all that much, but there was one of them that I did enjoy a bunch.
That game was World at War, and it was a jump back into WWII after Modern Warfare... modernized the series.

The Setting

Yes, it was WWII yet again, but this time it was in the Pacific Theatre. It meant that instead of yet another game where you're shootin' Nazis for the sake of prtecting the world from Nazi evil, you're fighting on the other side, a side that video games often seem to forget happened. It's a different kind of fight here entirely.

The Attack Dogs

An airstrike is cool, yeah, but it doesn't strike the same fear as a pack of attack dogs does. Like, a plane you can't win against. Maybe you can kill dogs, right? No. You suck, you can't, you die. But you died with hope of living, which is, in my opinion, worse.

The M1 Garand.

I don't think you'll ever find a weapon so weirdly satisfying to wield in a video game than the M1 Garand. This plinky rifle will be your best friend, protector, and maybe lover for the time you'll spend in Pacific forests. The timing will always be perfect as you pick off the heads of the enemy o

The Co-Op

What Modern Warfare lacked and that World at War granted us was competitive online co-op play, for up to 4 players. Playing through Call of Duty campaigns are all more or less the same anyway, but adding your friends into it to make it more competitive, earning points over one another, gave it that extra spin.

Viktor Reznov

"Our grip tightens around the black heart of Berlin. The F眉hrer demands all to shed their last drop of blood in it's defense. The old, the young, the weak. If they stand for Germany, they die for Germany. Building by building. Room by room. One rat at a time."
The most badass Russian in existence, voiced by Gary Oldman. Could you ask for better?

The Vehicles

I know, I know, the vehicles sucked ass in this game. But for me, the fact that they tried something new, tried bringing tanks and things like that into the game, that should be reflected upon as a good thing. Call of Duty is too eager to have the 'new' features just be prettier guns or new killstreaks. World at War tried something better.

Nazi Zombies.

I don't think I need to explain this one.
Yo I definitely agree on this. World at War is my favorite @tylor619cruz most definitely the PPsH is the best gun ever it's so satisfying to use
Wow the memories, best gun though hands down had to be the PPSH-41
The First Call of Duty game I played was Finest Hour and I had a ball playing online when CTF was actually fun for me but since most people I met never played it I say COD4 was really good to. But now I mostly play RPG games and not shooters. 馃槄
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