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Part 7!! Thank you guys for being so patient Happy Reading!!!
"Jagiya," Chanyeol says as you walk into your apartment. You don't answer him and sit down on the couch, putting your head in your hands. "Jagiya, tell me what happened." He walks over to you and kneels next to you. "Jagi, I'm sorry I left you in there. I just couldn't stand being in there anymore. Please-" "I'm not mad at you," you say, still keeping your gaze in your lap. "Then what is making you upset?" You grow stiff. How could you tell him his father is using him? You didn't want Chanyeol to get hurt, but you couldn't hold it in and risk him being mad at you. Chanyeol grabs your hands and pulls them down on your lap. You don't move and just stare at your lap. You forgot how big his hands were compared to yours. You bite your lip. Your thoughts were playing a game of tug-of-war. You replay the words you said to his father and feel tears forming in your eyes. You tried to help him, but you're afraid you made things worse for him. You feel like you let him down, all because you let you stubbornness get in the way. "I'm sorry," you whisper "Sorry for what?" he asks, confusion spreading acrossed his face. "I think I made things worse," you reply. You feel your heart become heavy. You couldn't think of anything else to say. "Jagi," Chanyeol says in a soft voice. You turn your head away from him. The feeling of guilt started to wash over you like a wave in the ocean. You felt like shit, to say the least. Going off at Chanyeol's father was the first time you yelled at someone since you moved to Korea. You always felt bad when you yelled or got mad at someone, but this time was worse. You thought you worsened the chances fo Chanyeol keeping his career in music. "I'm sorry," you whisper again.
"Jagiya," Chanyeol said, You didn't turn to face him. A small tear fell from your eye and landed on your cheek. You let out a small sigh before saying something you wish would be easier to say. "I yelled at him." Chanyeol's eyes got big, "What?" "He started saying music was just a hobby for you. He said he wanted you to run the restaurant and about how that was what he wanted you to do," you stopped to take a breathe before continuing. "I just got frustrated with him, and I blew up on him. he was just, just, ugh!" you groan as you feel another tear fall on your cheek. Chanyeol doesn't speak. He doesn't know how to react. 'Was that would I missed?' he thought. 'She's upset over something as small as this?" He gets up from his kneeling position and sits beside you on the couch, "Jagiya, I understand that you got upset with him. Believe me, he can be pretty stubborn," he pasues, waiting for you to respond, but you don't. "But that doesn't mean you should blame yourself for yelling at him." "Yes, I should," You say as you turn your head to face him for the first time since you left the restaurant. "All I do is make things worse." "No you don't," Chanyeol says trying to reassure you. He reaches his hand out to touch you, but you get up and turn away from him. "Yes I do. Everytime something bad happens, it's always because of me" You walk into the kitchen and start pacing. Chanyeol gets up and follows you. "Jagi, don't say that." "But it's true." "No it's not true. You just got mad, that's all." He stops in front of you and places his hands on your shoulders, stopping you from pacing. "Plus, I think he's just stressed out from the business. He may have just said those things because of that." You look up at Chanyeol. He looks so naΓ―ve and innocent. You feel your heart ache again. 'I have to tell him' you think "Chanyeol, I think you dad is using you." He gives you confused look, "What?" "When I looked around, I didn't see a business that was falling apart. The workers didn't look like they hated working there, everything seemed to be intact, plus there was a line at the door." "It was probably just a good business day." "No, Chanyeol, it wasn't. I know when people are lying. I know what it looks like when something is falling apart, and, Chanyeol, I think your dad's business is doing just fine. We would've heard about it in the news by now if it wasn't. Chanyeol," you pause and place your hands on his biceps, "I think your dad is lying to you. "No, " Chanyeol says in disbelief. "You wrong. My dad would never lie to me like that." He pushes your hands away from him and takes a few steps back. You know he's upset, you know that he's mad at you, but you also know how easy it is to manipulate people. It's happened to you many times before, and you don't want Chanyeol to have to learn that the hard way. You take a step forward. "Channie," you plead, trying to find a way to make him believe you at least a tiny bit. "No," he says again. He takes another step back and grabs the spare apartment key you gave him. "Channie, please just hear me out" "No," he says in a harsh voice. "I don't want to hear you accuse my father of something he didn't do." He looks up at you, eyes filled with anger. "I'll be at Baekhyun's if you want to make more accusations about me or my father," he says before walks out of the apartment, slamming the door shut on the way out.
watch you gonna find out that your dad is using you and you gonna feel bad for not listening to her!!!πŸ˜”πŸ˜ž your gonna feel guilty channie!!
what the heck channie!!!! you can't leave like it out....gosh
OMG nooooo it can't end like this 😱😱😱😱 baaaeee come back~~~
Ok wat just happened ok
waaaaat omg nooooooo
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