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I've been reading blood lad and I love it and I'm probably going to watch the anime but the best thing about it is saiz the otaku vampire
and this was my favorite part just cause it was a serious fight to get help for fuyumi then he starts to charge a kamahamaha (at least that's how I think you spell it) it's a action manga that's really light hearted and isn't afraid to be goofy
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awesome dude! I need to read this manga at some point too
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@InVinsybll it's really good!so is the anime!! @Captpeter glad I'm not the only one who has read it! Love blood lad!
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@tayhar18920 yea I'm not done yet I'm about halfway
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@Captpeter it gets good but it's still not completely finished sadly 馃槴I've been waiting for it to finish for years now
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@tayhar18920 hopefully it will finish before to long
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