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This was an awesome feeling for me!! It may not be anything special to others but I seriously love all you NAKAMA so much and of course anime is life and manga is forever!! So I couldn't be happier to see this single digit with a good amount of zero's behind it haha!! Hope you've all enjoyed my cards and craziness so far and continue to support me and my anime and manga addiction/ love and passion!! You, NAKAMA, are a huge inspiration for me to do better and show more people in this world about anime and how it isn't just fun and entertaining but truly can change lives!! You have changed my life a lot NAKAMA so be proud for everything you've ever said, liked, clipped, or posted as a card on here bc I love it all!! Vingle anime family for life!! And of course manga is included in the anime part!! Both huge inspirations and life changers!! NAKAMA 4 life!! This is my One Piece!! Adventures everyday with the best NAKAMA and crew!! Thanks again NAKAMA!!
dang dude
@suzettecaramaya thanks NAKAMA!! Love the views and support from everyone and I make sure to give it all back too!! I've learned so much about anime and NAKAMA from vingle so def worth it!!
congratulations nakama!!