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So today's challenge reads "Favorite MV," but since we are really focusing on Jimin and I do not really have a favorite video due to my extreme love for all of them, I felt that "We Are Bulletproof Part 2" would be a good video for these circumstances. In this card, I will really talk about how Jimin became my UB and how this song contributed to that, so if you are only interested in the stuff about the video, skip the next three blocks and enjoy the GIFs along the way!
Now when I first got into BTS, and I mean at the very beginning before I got to really know all of the boys as I know them now, I was in love with Jungkook. I still really love him, and I really love all of the boys! However, I remember the first time I found this song especially, and how it really contributed to Jimin becoming my bias, but before that, I need to backtrack.
Jimin really started creeping into my life after one night I marathoned a ton of Bangtan Bombs. I completely fell in love with his personality and I just thought that he was so cute, but also really sexy...I was just confused about how he could be both so easily, but I knew that I liked him for sure. I was still conflicted though about my favorite. This was so early on in my BTS journey, that I could not even tell all of their voices apart yet in their songs, so I still had a long way to go. I am still pretty new when speaking comparatively that I probably still have stuff to learn, but at this point I am truly all in with BTS. Moving on to the card's topic in relation to this...
After the Bangtan Bombs, I was really torn. This had to be about a month or so after I got into BTS. I was much more knowledgable, but my learning process when it came to them was slow at first because I was so busy with school (These days for me, what even is school? πŸ˜‚ Not as important to me now with all of these handsome Oppas wrecking my life). I was about to buy my first K-Pop merch: a BTS sweatshirt. My parents were going to buy it for me for my Birthday. This meant that I needed to make a decision; Jimin or Jungkook: I could only get one. Now, please do not judge me here since I was just a newbie with no one guiding me along in this world, but I had never seen this video at that point. So as I was making my decision for a few days, I found the video. It was the only one I had not seen actually. The MV was not even the first thing I watched for it. It was a showcase video (I will link it at the bottom) and after really hearing Jimin sing and after just really watching him on stage. I was in love. It was over. I think I cried. His body, his moves, his voice, his presence: everything. I remember watching this showcase and the MV over and over again, and it still holds a special place in my heart because of how it really helped me recognize Jimin as my favorite. Once I really knew that Jimin was my bias, I think that is when my fire for Bangtan was lit with absolutely no signs of even possibly going out. I even saved up all of my money that month and bought all of their songs on my phone just because I truly felt in my heart that I NEEDED to support them. I think you guys can guess which sweatshirt I chose after that. 😝 (Sorry Jungkookie! I have a T-Shirt with your name now, so please forgive me!)
Well that is just a little about me. Sorry if it was choppy, but it has been a while so I was just kind of sorting my thoughts as I went from back then. At this point, Park Jimin is my passion. Before K-Pop, my heart had never fluttered thinking about someone I had never met, and it seems strange but I just really love them so much, especially him. And I am having so much fun getting to share my passion with all of you! Now let's talk about the MV! (I really suck with following the prompts 😣)
Look at these moves! Go Jimin and J-Hope! Their skills are seriously unreal!
And sweet mother of thrusts, please help us all...
And abs. There were so many abs. I mean, everyone is still amazing without their abs, but that does not mean we can no longer appreciate the abs that once were! 😝
And of course, here is the MV, which I am sure we have all seen but it is pretty necessary to put here. I also included that showcase video! My heart literally burns with passion before it melts completely when Jimin sings the chorus. I just love his voice so much. I really cannot take it. Every time he sings in any song this happens, but I just really love this one!
Sorry for the long card! This may not have been exactly what everyone wanted like in my usual Jimin cards, but I just felt like sharing. So please let me know in the comments: what is your favorite BTS MV, or tell me about your UB (even if they are not from BTS) or your BTS bias. Or all three! I love to talk to my Vingle family! By the way guys, I have a surprise for one of the Jimin cards coming up in a few days so please look forward to it! If you do not want to be tagged, let me know. If by chance anyone would like to be added to the list (or if you asked and you are not on it because I suck at tag lists 😣), let me know as well! @CamrynCherry @KarenGuerra93 @ManduBum @ShinoYuki @maysaarah @bhing19920506 @exo135dabin @songhyeyeon8 @sky123858 @juliet0907 @seungah0111 @mellyortiz @asdfghjkleyr @ChelseaGarcia @LizaNightshade @Mercedesbenz98 @Chiqiang @AdriannaFletc @juliet0907 @peckachubbs @ArminArtlert3 @jojojordy2324 @EliseB @CristinReynolds @IsoldaPazo @aliendestina @SyumbiUchiha @kpopxanime @Cynthiacosta17 @Jennissa711 @ResaValencia @RTC123 @Drewmortem @AnimeKPopFreak @JiminaKPop @Choisumin1004 @Yeseniamh23 @DonnaSearles @accordingly @Choijiah @abbylucas @FridaOsorio @nerdykeira @aleciaLOVES @Choisom756 @RavenQueen0810 @Tazneemhinnawi @DragonCrisis @BrennaHarding @Khskhs9094ab @ij123456 @Chelseagarcia @LucindaSantiago @AmberMaze @MahelySandoval @HopeElizabeth @MirandaStephens @MichelleClack @Kanatm @Krin @Laurenthedragon @xXYGXx @KimNam94 @Lelugc @Destiny98
I can't pic a bias in this group BTS, i just fan girl over and over in rotation but if I had to choose one to be the bias wrecker it would be Jimin he keeps coming at me like a ball of fire and I'm trying to stay strong because each of these boys are just too great to give up
As we can all agree here, Jimin is a professional bias wrecker. Namjoon is legit my life but let's face it, he's everyone's guilty pleasure, and there's nothing we can do about it. So might as well enjoy it, am I right? Once an Army, always an Army.
NamJoon has my heart always, but that Damn Jimin! !!! FIGHTING
Jimin is the biggest bias wrecker in the universe 😣😣 I'm so in love with Yoongi but damn Park Jimin is killing me too!! Uggh that's why I decided to stan Yoonmin instead, idk I just can't love either of them any less 😭😭 DAMN BTS they ruined my life!!!!
I love your Jimin cards...and it's super cool to hear the start of all of this dedication! It's always a different story for everyone and yours is adorable! Almost forgot...My U-BTS-B will have to be Hobie haha but Sug and Tae are wrecking hard at the moment, and my saved bts photos mostly consist of Jimin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm such trash for these guys.
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