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Your one hour meet up’s end up being half hour lunches at a cafe that's half way between his studio and campus. If the hour is later in the day, you've sometimes surprised him with coffee. Once you brought ice cream for everyone right after a dance practice.
His brothers in the group remember you from karaoke night and seen to have accepted your relationship. It’s nice to not have to worry about what they think and know that they have his back while you aren't together.
Your nerves are starting to get the best of you as the first 10 to 6 date inches closer on your calendar. He’s given you the code to his apartment; multiple times you’ve cooked dinner for him and left it waiting in his fridge. They’ve been working hard trying to finish writing for another mini-album. You know he’s really stressed, you can see it as well as hear it.
As you’re coming from your last class you get a text.
KK: How's my kitten? You have a good day?
YOU: Yes, thank you. Did you eat?
KK: A little bit.
YOU: Jiho.
KK: Something was delivered; I just haven’t opened it yet.
YOU: Now please.
KK: Yes ‘mam.
You smile at his comment but you’re getting to know him better than that.
YOU: Show me.
You know he's sighing on the other side but true to character you get a picture back.
KK: Happy now?
YOU: Happier if you were with me but at least I know you’re eating.
KK: That can’t be helped. You knew that.
YOU: Is something wrong?
KK: Just tired. I’ll call you later.
His text keeps playing through your mind the rest of the day. Are you being too pushy? Is he tiring of you already? There isn’t any time in the schedule to see each other today. You wait up for his call but fall asleep before it comes.
You check first thing in the morning; no missed calls. You decide to leave it; he could have been at the studio all night, he could have fallen asleep at his desk.
You’re scheduled for a lunch date that day; on the off chance that his phone is just out of juice you go ahead and go over to the café. After your normal half hour, you pay for a sandwich and eat it on the way back to campus.
You know this isn’t like him and fight with yourself about just reaching out to him instead. You don’t want to interrupt him but surely he wouldn’t have his phone on during something important?
YOU: Missed you today. I hope you ate.
KK: In the middle of something.
Okay. You look over at the schedule and see a dinner meeting. You want to text back that you’re sorry for interrupting but realize that the text would be interrupting again. Best to just wait for him.
His call comes in a couple of hours later.
“What’s up kitten? Something wrong?”
“No. Just hadn’t heard from you. Wanted to let you I know I was thinking about you. Hope I didn’t interrupt anything important.”
“What do you mean you haven’t heard from me today?”
You don’t know how to answer that, it seems he’s going to get upset no matter what you say.
“Didn’t you get my text? Hold on…”
You can hear cuss words coming from his end of the phone. He sounds exhausted and just done when he gets back on the line.
“It appears I wrote texts and they didn’t send. You didn’t go to the café did you?”
“Of course not;” you lie. “I waited to hear from you.”
“And you’re lying to me.”
Aww he's stressed... life of dating an idol *sigh*
oh dear, this side of a relationship... sounds like trying times ahead of us..
awe thats messed up! but its is adorable they know each other. his bad eating habits. her lying.
awe. i hope they stay happy together
aww I love this so much
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