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Because its Sehun birthday and he loves bubble tea lol xD Just a short fluff for baby Sehun.
Out of all the bubble tea shops in Seoul, you think that this one has to be your favorite. It’s small, squeezed between two other larger stores, with only a few tables hidden in the back. It’s mostly empty because no one knows about it and it’s your secret spot for when you just want to be alone. The fact that their bubble tea is the best you’ve tasted to date is just an added bonus.
With a smile, you enter the shop, the cashier already knows you by name and asks if you’ll be getting your regular; a medium taro bubble tea. You nod, getting out your wallet when you hear the door open again. You’re surprised to see another customer there, especially a tall and slim young man with a simple black face mask in rather fashionable clothing. You think to yourself that he might be a university student and you turn back to the cashier to pay.
Holding your receipt, you go over to wait by the counter. The boy joins you shortly and you spare him another glance only to notice that he’s already looking at you. Although you can’t see half of his face because it’s covered, his eyes are a beautiful, but intense shape and his staring makes you feel a bit intimidated. You’re not sure if he’s checking you out or glaring at you, but either way you avoid eye contact until you notice him pull down the face mask.
The rest of his face is as handsome as you expected. His features are all sharp and perfect and you vaguely think that he looks familiar.
“Taro Bubble Tea!”
A voice sounds and you snap out of it, looking around for your order and noticing that instead of one cup there’s two. The boy beside you, who looks like he’s about to ask you something, looks down at the drinks too and reaches forward to take one - coincidentally going for the same one as you.
Your fingers brush and you apologize quickly, grabbing the other drink in embarrassment. You hurry towards the door, looking down at your cup once you’re outside and that’s when you notice that instead of your name it says Sehun.
“Sehun?” You mumble to yourself before your eyes go wide. Sehun? As in Oh Sehun of EXO? You turn to look back and there he is, the same boy from the shop. You’re surprised to see him behind you and you stop walking so he can catch up.
“I think I took yours by accident.” He says and once you get a good, close look at him you’re amazed by the fact that it is Sehun. How could you have not noticed such a famous idol from first glance?
“O-Oh....” You start and Sehun chuckles.
“I'm sorry, it was just that I got distracted by the sight.” His half smirk gives you the idea that the ‘sight’ he’s talking about is you and again you feel your cheeks flare up.
“Ah, uh-”
You’re not sure exactly how to even answer, but Sehun reaches out and offers to exchange drinks. When you switch you look down and see that this one has your name on it and something else scrawled in the corner. You look closer and notice that it’s a phone number.
“You’re really pretty, you should call me sometime. I would stay and chat now, but I’m a little busy.”
Your mouth opens agape, but nothing comes out. Is Oh Sehun flirting with you? You guess so by the way he keeps staring and smiling.
“You’ll call right?” He asks and you nod slowly. Sehun grins, looking at his watch before excusing himself. He waves as he walks off and you look at him and back down at your bubble tea in disbelief.
If that small store was your favorite before, now you’re sure it’s going to be your favorite forever.
Tbh I never had bubble tea.... Is it really that good??
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Ahhh....bubble tea is my favorite. u shoud definitely try the choco one 😍😍
I love bubble tea! But I can't find chocolate anywhere! Milk tea with coffee gel cubes is my favorite!
yes yes yes! it's so good! bubble tea is the greatest thing the world!! good fanfic btw.
Oh my god, I almost died when I saw the title. I should've seen a Bubble Tea fanfic for Sehun coming XD
Bubble tea is amazing!!! Here at this cafe that I go to call it Boba Tea it's amazing!!!!
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