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I don't feel good about this.. :( Amada Bynes walking around and shopping in NYC with her dog! I'm sorry but poor dog! Why was she even allowed to get one when she can't even seem to take care of herself? And oh, what is she wearing??
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@shoenami lol @relinashinee that cracked me up! I feel like you know Amanda so well! lol
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@relinashine lol lol lol TOO FUNNY!! @blairwitme it's CRACKing me up too! lol
4 years ago·Reply
@shoenami @blairwitme well, back then we were inseperable, but then i got sick of her dumb raggeddy ass... too much crack, that she about to be one...
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@relinashinee lol it's good you got away then!..
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