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He mostly just sits on the floor next to where you’re working. The only reason you know he’s there is that you hear the glass clink when he fills it with Soju. You wish you could say it was uncomfortable but it wasn’t, maybe just weird.
After you’ve done work, visited all your social media accounts, and email you can’t think of anything left to do. You look over and see his eyes closed; you guess you’ll just let him sleep it off.
You grab a throw blanket from the couch and drape it over him as you head to the bathroom to change. When you come out it doesn’t appear that he’s moved at all; you roll out your mat and get ready to sleep. You still aren’t so sure about him, if he’s really passed out then you have nothing to worry about. After thinking about it a minute you go over and crouch in front of him.
You sit and stare at him for a good 5 minutes trying to decide. You reach over and shake his shoulder,
“Kyungil. Hey, Kyungil. Want me to call you a car?”
There is no response from him. You’ve never been drunk yourself but from taking care of friends you know something isn’t quite right, he isn’t normal drunk person relaxed. Is he breathing? You lean over and put your hand under his nose, he’s breathing. You try poking him in the chest, he’s playing possum; you know it.
As you reach out to poke him again, his hand grabs yours and pulls you over onto him. “Don’t you know not to poke a sleeping bear?”
“You weren’t sleeping.”
You try to pull yourself back up to a sitting position but he has a tight grip. He pulls you further on top of him, his face in your neck. One minute he’s sniffing you like you’re a steak and he’s a starved man; the next he’s pushing you away from him and getting on the couch.
“What the hell? What is wrong with you?!?”
You begin to question him as you pick yourself up off the floor.
“I think it’s time for you to leave,” you say as you point to the door.
He’s twice the size of you and really strong, you have no idea how you’ll get him out on your own. You could call Jak and Jiyong but you’d rather not disturb them. You just don’t see any other way. As you dial Jak’s number he starts talking.
“I didn’t ask for this you know.”
You stop on your way to the door and look back,
“Didn’t ask for what?”
“This,” he says as he gestures between the two of you.
“I don’t want to like you.”
“Well good, because I don’t like you. I’ll see if there isn’t someone else from your group I can work with tomorrow. If not, I’ll resign.”
“You hate me that much?”
You sigh, “I don’t hate you. I don’t understand you and this, tonight – what the heck is this? Why did you need to be here? To torture me? See if you could use me somehow?”
His head falls against the back of the couch and he just shakes it back and forth.
“I don’t know. I can’t f**ing get you out of my head!”
He laughs at himself, “Not even with Lee last night. Can you imagine how humiliating that was?”
He stands up and walks towards you,
"Fix it. Give me something to get you out!”
He smacks himself in the head, “I can’t stand it!!”
He backs you into a corner, “I think it’s the not knowing, you know? Maybe if I get a little taste you’ll go away.”
You push against his chest but it doesn’t do any good, he’s too strong and half drunk. He reaches out and gently strokes your hair for a minute, next thing he grabs a handful and pulls you towards him. His lips crush down on yours in an angry kiss. While you’re struggling against him you don’t hear the door open. Just as his lips ease up and start to turn gentle he’s yanked away.
Jak runs over and grabs you,
“You okay? We came when you didn’t answer me. We heard it all.”
She glares over at Kyungil; he focuses in on her, looks back to see Jiyong holding him, “Shit.”
“Come on buddy; let’s get you home before you do something you can’t take back.”
Ji motions to you and Jak just nods.
Once the door closes, Jak lets loose.
“What the hell is WRONG with him! I could kill him!”
She starts stalking back and forth across the room, seeing his bag of Soju on the floor she kicks it across the room. She glances over at you,
“What do you want to do? We’ll totally back you with whatever.”
You just kind of wander over to the couch and sit down. Are you mad at him? You understand a little of where he’s coming from; if you weren’t drawn to him you wouldn’t have let him in tonight. Doesn’t that put some of the blame on you? You drop your head in your hands, why? Just why?
I'd give him more than just a taste, I'd give my own hand in marriage to him lol
Ya, he's totally my kind of broken. I just wanna go take care of him.
the struggle. i like him. admit it? go find him again? yes
Inner turmoil... do I like him or do I not?! hmmmm...
I hear ya sis @pharmgirlerin
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