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Hey guys!

You've probably seen me a round a ton (((((dying over the vixx comeback)))) but did you know I'm also moderator over in Vingle Kdrama?!
WELL! As a moderator, we're able to pick a collection to feature so that more Vinglers can see it, follow it, and find your awesome cards.

Sounds cool right?


But there's a problem.

A lot of people haven't published their collections!!!!
Sure, people can see the collection at the bottom of your card or on your profile, but teeechnically it isnt in the community yet! Oh no!

And because its not published, I can't feature it!

So, if you feel like your collection is awesome and ready to go out into the world, please publish it to the CORRECT communities!

Please please please: If it is a collection for a lot of different groups, please ONLY put it in Kpop do not put it in each individual group you might talk about. If it is group-specific (Like my VIXX only collection...) you can publish to Kpop AND Vixx :D
Does that make sense?

Here's how:

(must do this on web!)

1. Open the collection you want to publish and click edit.

2. Type the communities it should be published too so it can be featured and more easily found by Vinglers!

then SAVE!

aaaand that's it!

Thank you everyone :D

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@kpopandkimchi Hahaa well thank you Minho! ^^
Oh ok thank you for clearing that up for me @kpopandkimchi
What!? I never knew this! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Oh wow, I did not know about this!! Thank you so much!! I'll have to do that right away!!!!
Thank you for this!