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Nae Kyung, the most skillful face reader in Joseon dynasty, by accident comes across a murder case and helps resolve it. His skill is made known to King Moon Jong, and the King orders him to identify potential traitors that threatens the country's peace. However, as the King unexpected pass away, Nae Kyung is trapped in the biggest power struggle in the history of Joseon between the two young princes who both yearn for the crown. His moral values and loyalty are at put on a test. . Song Kang Ho plays Nae Kyung, while Jong Suk stars as his son. The movie premiers this September. Source: (Seriously, how do Jong Suk even finds time for all of these: I hear your voice, no breathing, face reader and potentially his movie with Park Bo Young?)
as long as there is jong suk, I will watch it! /super biased xD
@oj1992 np! So many good movies coming out in the later half of this year. Why can't we be in Korea to enjoy them :(
sounds interesting. tks.