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I was pissed at Adam for a while one day wasnt going to change my mood. I get that he wants me to move on but even if I do move on it won't be with him. *you got a text* I pulled out my phone. Jiminie: Good Morning! Was he really going to start this? I just put my phone back in my purse and went about my business. I had to get ready for work. I took a shower and then got dressed and did my make up when I went back I checked my phone. I opened the message from Jimin. It was a picture of us by the water. Our first date he wanted me to see the stars with him.


"Come on (y/n) I got a great surprise for you." "Jimin I don't know..." "Come on this is our first date!" "Why are you so excited?" "Because you're beautiful and said yes!" I laughed "Why are you laughing?" "You are just too cute." It had only been 2 weeks since we became friends. It was all thanks to Lexi for going after Taehyung. Otherwise I would have never met him. "If I'm too cute you're super duper cute." "Ok, ok. So where are we going?" I asked "We're going to a few places. The main thing is later tonight when it's dark." "Ok well?" "Man can't you let me surprise you?" "Fine just this once." I smiled. I hadn't had any guy act like this on a date. It was refreshing. "(Y/n)!" I glanced at Jimin he grabbed me and pulled me close to him. My stomach did flips. I locked eyes with him and felt like I couldn't breath. "Are you ok?" I heard behind me but didn't move. "Yea I saved her in time." He smirked. "I'm so sorry." The same voice from behind said. I finally turned a little to see that someone had lost control of a cart. "Are you ok (y/n)?" I turned back to Jimin. "Yea" I lightly pushed myself away from him and started walking. I didn't know where I was going but I needed space to breath. "Hey you don't know where I'm taking you." He said running and standing in front of me. "Oh yeah." He ended up taking me to this park by his place. He was like a little kid. He would run up the slide and then go down it. He had the cutest smile. It was a simple date nothing to crazy and I had a good time. We ate at a food vendor on the street and then as it started getting darker we walked over to the water. We sat down on the ground and just looked at the water talking. Another first for me. He was so sweet to me. It was a bit scary. "Ok. So now I hope you'll like seeing the stars." "Of course I find star watching to be soothing." "Oh good I didn't want it to be boring." "Jimin you really are sweet. Can I ask why you want to date me?" "Because you are amazing. You have so many great qualities that I've always looked for in someone and I'm so glad I finally found you." "But it's only been 2 weeks." "What you don't want to date me?" "No I do its just I'm not sure what I feel." "Well for me I knew right away. Although spending 2 weeks as friends sealed the deal for me. You're caring. I love your eyes and your smile. Your cute little nose when you crinkle it up. Do you want me to continue?" I was blushing hard. "No I get it." I looked up at the dark sky. We were quiet for awhile. "Did you see that?" I pointed up at the sky. "What?" "The shooting star." "Oh yea I already made a wish." "Oh boo I didn't make one." "Well keep looking there might be another. " After several minutes I did see one and made a wish. "(Y/n) I have a question. " "What is it?" I turned to face him. "Will you officially become my girlfriend. I don't want us to stay just friends who go out together." "I'd love to." I said and he jumped up and started running around screaming "She said yes! She said yes! My wish came true!!" After he was done running around he came back to me. "I need a picture." He pulled out his phone. "Ok I'm ready" "1, 2, 3 smile" He said and he took the picture. "Man we are a really good looking couple." I said causing him to laugh. "A Cocky couple." Then we both started laughing.


Man our first date...why did he have to send me these pictures. I wanted to respond but I was trying hard to move on. He couldnt be in my life like I wanted him to be. *you got a text* Jiminie: I still remember the feelings of that day. Why was he making me want to run back into his arms. I'm seriosuly try hard to pick myself up after breaking us apart. Doing this would only cause us more pain wouldn't it. We can't be together. *you got a text* Lexi: Hey I'm down stairs. Me: I'm on my way. I quickly shoved my phone away and shoved my shoes on and ran out the door. I'll have to try even harder to be ok with out him. "So I heard what happened." Lexi said "How is it that you always find out?" "You both talk to me of course I know. Plus I know what you're going through." "Lexi how are you able to get through with out him?" I finally had to ask her. "Well it was easier because we both didn't get attached like you two did." "Yea right you and Tae where inseparable. " "Well we are still friends." "But you have feelings for him don't you?" "(Y/n) don't compare my relationship with yours. You and Jimin were something special me and Tae didn't have that kind of connection. That's why we both agreed to end it. You ended it on your own. If I was you I wouldn't have done what you did." "But I would have gotten in the way." "Don't you think your more in the way now that you hurt him. Are you sure he is concentrating on what he needs to or he's still pinning over you." She was right. Maybe I messed everything up. How could I imagine that what Lexi was going through and what I'm going through are the same. "So what I did was stupid?" "Yes clearly you're still in love with him." "I....what if I just vanish completely and he can't find me would that help him?" I didn't like the idea of him not being able to do his job well. "No that would probably be worse....he has already started trying to get you back and just vanishing isn't gonna solve anything. He'll find you." "I can't go back to him! Even if I love him I can't. I'm not strong enough to handle all that will come with him now." "Alright if you say so...but I'm sure you could handle it expecially if you both love each other." She parked the car. "Hey I have to make a call I'll meet you in the office." Lexi said "Ok." I got out and walked towards the building. I glanced back at her and she was already on the phone. I wonder who she was talking to? She wasn't dating anyone right now or maybe she just started. I pulled out my phone and sent a text before I could change my mind. Me: Thanks for the picture it was nice looking back. I want to tell you to just stop. I have moved on, and you should too. I'll always love you. After I sent kt I worried. Would I be hurting him more. I know it's killing me but would it be this bad for him as well. *you got a text* Jiminie: I'll always love you forever and always! I won't move on knowing that you do love me like I love you. I will prove to you that I will be able to protect you and love you unconditionally even as an idol. I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and ran into someone. I dropped my phone in the process. "(Y/n) are you ok." "Yea I'm fine." "Please get over being mad at me. I love you and I just wish you'd see I'm better than that Jimin." I knew who it was instantly. "Adam....I'm flattered but you'll never be as amazing as...." I stopped myself. I had to give up on him. If I still compared everyone to him I'd never really move on. "What?" Adam said pulling me from my thoughts. "Yea you might not be as amazing as Jimin, I guess no one will ever be that perfect for me but I guess I need to stop comparing everyone to him. Maybe you are a good guy in your own way." "Does that Mean you'll try with me?" "No I still don't see you anything more than a friend." "Wasn't Jimin a friend!?" "STOP IT! JIMIN IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM YOU THAT'S WHY JIMIN AND I PROGRESSED SO FAST. YOU ARE PISSING ME OFF! IF I HEAR JIMINS NAME OR ANYTHING BAD ABOUT HIM COMING FROM YOUR MOUTH AGAIN I WON'T HESITATE TO PUNCH YOU WHERE IT HURTS." I screamed. Then quickly grabbed my phone hoping it wasn't broken. I took off to the bathroom. I hate him. Why do I have to be this way. Is this how I'm going to be the rest of my life. I started crying. My phone started ringing. I tried to stop crying. "Hello" "Please don't cry." "Jiminie." "GOD your voice calling my name sends sparks again." "Jiminie...why are you calling me?" "Well you called me first...I realized it was by accident. (Y/n) what can I do to help." "What are you talking about?" "(Y/n)" God why was he having this much of an effect on me. "What?" "I know why you left me." "What?!" He couldn't know unless...did Lexi tell him. "Lexi told me...well more of you told me but you didn't know." "Jimin." "No wait. Let me get this out. I know what you were thinking and If you need time to trust me....fine but I will do anything to get you to come back to me." "Jimin....I'm going to start dating Adam." I had to get this nipped in the butt right. "Wow. (Y/n) you have become such a liar since you broke up with me." "I'm not lying" I was but he had no way of knowing that. "I'm know because I heard. From your own mouth." "Wait are you saying when I dropped my phone it called you." "Yes and that's why I called back because I knew you weren't ok." I started crying again. I can't even lie properly. All the things he should have never heard he heard. "I got to go." "I love you (y/n) I'm not giving up and you shouldn't either. Please stop crying...if I have to I'll come back now and come straight to you. " "Don't do that." "Then please don't get rid of me again." I could hear how much he wanted us again. "I..don't know......I really gotta go bye." I quickly hung up before he could say anything else. I fixed myself the best I could and went to work. I felt like shit and probably looked like it. My goal was to just get all my stuff done before lunch and what I couldn't take it home. When I went to ask my boss about it she was very nice about it and said as long as I got all my stuff done before deadline she'd be fine. Being a writer at a magazine company is always fun. I told Lexi that I was taking a taxi home and she thought I was pissed at her. "I'm sorry Jimin called me and was freaking out because you weren't responding to him. So I told him that he'd hear that you were fine in a few minutes. Then you got in the car and I wasn't expecting that stuff to come up and I wasn't going to just show you that he was on the phone. Don't hate me." "Lexi I just feel like shit and obviously look it." "Have you been crying?" "Yes, I'm just going to go home and rest. I learned my lesson though. Never ever break up with someone you still love and get drunk and call them because all your hard work at staying strong without them falls to pieces." I walked back to my desk and started working. I called a taxi and set up a pick up time. When that time came I ran out of the building so fast I must have been a blur. *you got a text* Seriously how does this happen. Does he like sense this crap now. Jiminie: Hey can we talk? Me: Nope at work. Jiminie: There you go again lying Me: How do you know I'm lying? Jiminie: Lexi texting me asking what I did to you. Me: Sorry she's being overbearing today Jiminie: Why are you going home. Me: Because I don't need to be there today looking like I do. Jiminie: Please let me know when you get home. Me: Why? Jiminie: Because I want to make sure you get home ok. Me: Fine After about 20 minutes I got home. Me: Alright I'm home safely have fun. Jiminie: I don't have a concert till later. Are you by your computer? Me: yea Jiminie: turn it on. Me: Jimin just tell me what you want. Jiminie: We are going to video chat. I haven't seen you in a month and I wonder why you think you look bad. Me: I don't want to Jiminie: you owe me this small favor. Me: Why? Jiminie: You hurt me and I looked like hell for weeks hell I still look like hell. Me: Fine I quickly turned the computer in and logged in. Me: Ok I'm on Within a second his face showed up on my screen. I couldn't help but smile at his messy hair and cute face staring at me with that adorable smile.
Oh Jimin why do you have to make be love you so lol.. What did you guys think? What is in store for our lovely broken couple? will you break and go back to him? Will you spend a little time in the past and then move on? Will you Run away from him again.... oh now things will get real.
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She needs to stop being a pussy and just be with him, yea being with an idol has to be hard but if you truly love them, then it shouldn't matter, love is love. Just my opinion though.
Love this! Omg just seeing his face i would just lose it! Man I'd be running back to Jimins arms so fast!! lol
if you truly love him then you will go back to him!!! it will suck dating an idol with all the drama but just know that he will always be there for you and will love you!!
It always annoys me the "I can't be with them for their own good"
This one is so sad but good @SarahVanDorn
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