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This is Taiga Aisaka Despite her cute, delicate appearance, Taiga is a sarcastic, cynical, and prideful girl who is easily made angry or upset. She hates when people point out her height or call her the Palmtop Tiger, a nickname she earned because of her petite size and tendency to snap at people. Her broken family has made her act this way. Despite her tendency to be aggressive, she is actually a kind person, especially to people she trusts, like Minori. She is extremely loyal, too, as she is willing to fight tooth and nail to protect her loved ones.
This is Kyou Fujibayashi, she is a bad-mouthed and aggressive girl well known as a good cook. She was in Tomoya's class in their second year, and has maintained a steady friendship with Tomoya even though they are put in different classes on their third year. She is currently the class representative of her class. She has a pet baby boar named Botan. She owns a scooter and she throws various types of dictionaries towards anyone she gets furious with, especially Youhei.
This is Minami Shimada, initially appears outspoken and violent, seen as when she often beats Akihisa up, but she is actually a shy and kind girl, while being self-conscious of her appearance. She is a tsundere, someone who acts violent and uncaring on the outside, especially to their crush, but in the inside, is actually very caring and soft.
Now pick the best waifu from the three and why you pick them and for girls if there was a guy like this which one would you pick (*in a whisper voice "if you couldnt guess it was a tsundere theme")
Kyou because she is cute and Idk any of the characters except the last.
Minami!! She's awesome
plus I kinda have a thing for pony tails
I am going for Minami because I can joke around with her and she's very athletic
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