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who else loves these guys
Omg like i cant. I love the choreography and Taeyong he's already my favorit. the song is amazing as well hope they wil even better in the future.
they are just so amazing❤
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omg never in my life has a groups debut gotten me as bad as this one has. I'm soooo overly playing this song and the video, forgive me for saying, is so aestheticly pleasing. They seem so confident and just chill from this MV, but after watching the NCT on air show with Heechul they're all kinda shy and adorable which is even better. I want more, I need more.... I'm not crazy
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@briannakingly You basically just summed it up for me lol
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@JohnEvans haha any chance I get I say "That's a long ass ride" thank you Mark
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@briannakingly Lol i've been saying that since his teaser came out. Have you seen them on V app though....i was in tears because of Heechul
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@JohnEvans yes haha they chose heechul well to introduce them, I'm such trash, I'm finding everything I can on them and I only say their MV like four days ago
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