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Namjoon didn't think twice as he proceeded to follow the pink car. He would've taken Suga's car but there was no time to go back and ask. Who knows where Jin would be by then? So he followed by foot. To Namjoon's surprise he actually kept in pace with the car always trailing a few yards behind it. He wondered if Jin always drove this slow. It was almost like he was trying to take as much time as he could to get back to his house. The thought of Jin being abused sprouted in his mind again. Could it really be true? Namjoon hoped not for the guy's sake. Namjoon was silent as he kept his eyes on the pink car ahead of him. Of course the streets in Seoul were crowded but it was impossible to lose a pink car even amidst the many bodies. Suddenly the car made a sharp turn into a dark alley that screamed secrecy. Namjoon followed earnestly desperate not to lose the boy. He stopped at the corner of the alleyway peeking into darkness where he saw the pink car parked. Namjoon retreated his head as Jin stepped out looking around suspiciously. After a few moments he peeked again and Jin was gone. Cautiously Namjoon took a step in the alleyway and made his way to Jin's car. He was no where to be seen. Namjoon then spotted an ABC store. Namjoon figured Jin had gone through some changes but he never thought he would start drinking. It didn't take a scientist to see that the boy couldn't hold alcohol for nothing. Namjoon then heard the sound of Jin's voice as the door to the store swung out and Jin came to view. He had a split second to drop behind the car's trunk before Jin turned in his direction. Hearing the footsteps draw nearer Namjoon slid his way around the car to the opposite side from where Jin was now standing placing boxes of something in the backseat. All he could hear was his heartbeat thumping in his ears as he tried to listen to what Jin was saying. "Yeah. I got the stuff. I should be home in a little while." There was a pause as another voice spoke on the other side of the phone. Namjoon held his breath desperate to stay silent. "I'm sorry about being late but you knew what was going on tonight. I think that's a good enough reas-" Jin's voice stops as Namjoon heard a guy yelling. He then heard Jin sigh and reply with a soft 'bye'. Namjoon, without thinking of course, raises his fist and bangs it on Jin's car in frustration. He knew something had been up with Jin. Once he met the bastard who had hurt his Jin.... With big eyes he then realized what he just did and rolled under the car just as Jin turned to where he was previously sitting. The street was grainy and rough under Namjoon as he held his breath once more careful not to make any noise as he saw Jin's feet pace beside him. He mentally punched himself in his head. How could he be so stupid?! Muttering a curse he saw Jin kneel to inspect the dent that Namjoon had stupidly made with his fist. After what seemed like hours Jin finally rose and walked back to the driver's side and stepped inside the car. Namjoon heard the engine roar as the car above him slowly began to move. Namjoon prayed that Jin wouldn't leave the way he came. If the car went in reverse, he would be definitely be seen as soon as Jin backed up far enough. Namjoon let out a sigh of relief as the car jerked forward and slowly exited the alleyway. Namjoon got up wiping the front of his clothes that were now coated in dirt. He knew Suga would be furious on his treatment on such an expensive outfit but that wasn't his concern now. Namjoon stepped out the alleyway and looked around. He quickly spotted the pink car and resumed following it. His mind couldn't help drifting off to what Yoongi and Hobi were doing now with those other guys. Namjoon hoped they were having fun but knowing Yoongi who knows what could've happened by now. Though he and that Jimin guy did seem to butt heads. But Namjoon knew that was Yoongi's way of expressing his interest. Namjoon trudged along as the pink car went through neighborhood and neighborhood. The rapper was tired to say the least. He never expected Jin to stay so far away. The car finally stopped outside a crummy apartment complex. Namjoon gazed from the other side of the street at the building. The place literally reeked of poverty but why did Jin park his car here? This couldn't be where he stayed could it? Namjoon knew how big Jin was on cleaniness and appearance so seeing Jin step out of his car and grabbing the cases of alcohol he couldn't believe his eyes. Some guy by the steps then whistled at Jin. Namjoon unconsciously balled his hands into fists as he took a step forward. He then remembered what he was actually doing and stopped himself. He saw Jin roll his eyes at the guy and disappear in the building. Namjoon swiftly crossed the street making a beeline for the door. The man who had previously made a move on Jin ignored him as Namjoon walked past. The building was dingy and musty inside and Namjoon almost choked on the smoke that seemed to hang in the air. It burned his eyes and made it a hundred times harder to breathe as he made his way through the haze of smoke to a receptionist. Namjoon debated on whether he should change his voice for privacy reasons but just decided against it. "Hey. Could you give me a resident's room number?" The receptionist wore a look that reminded Namjoon of Yoongi and he knew it would take forever to get an answer out of her. To Namjoon's delight she pointed to a board on the wall that listed the building's inhabitants. Namjoon thanked her and quickly searched for Jin's name. "Apartment Room C16..." Namjoon muttered to himself as he traveled up the stairs to the third floor. With his feet already aching from the long walk he was devastated when the receptionist mentioned that there was no elevator and he would have to take the stairs. His feet ached and he could only imagine how hard it must've been for Jin to carry those heavy cases up three flight of stairs. Namjoon shook his head at the thought. He didn't know what type of guy Jin had clinged onto but it couldn't be anyone good. When he finally reached the third floor Namjoon did a silent victory cheer in his head. The hallway was dimly lit and gave an omnious glow which slowly added to Namjoon's uneasiness. He walked the hallway counting the doors silenty in his head as he passed them. C1.....C2.....C3.............C12......C13.... "C14." Namjoon whispered as he stood in front of the door. Namjoon couldn't help the smile that creeped on his face as he saw the lightly pink door frame. He knew that had to be Jin's' handiwork. Then inspecting the door more closely he saw Jin's name along with another. Junghoe? Namjoon read the name out loud in his head. The name didn't sound familiar but it did give Namjoon chills. He then lifted his hand to knock on the door before the door opened on its own. It only took Namjoon a second to realize that the tall, muscular man with a cigarette that hung out of his mouth was Junghoe. Namjoon barely had time to blink before the guy opened his mouth. "What the hell do you want?"
Namjoon better fuck his ass up ohhhh if he touches my Namjoon we fighting lol
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