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If you look in the mirror and see acne scars, then you probably walk away frustrated because there's virtually no solution outside of expensive (and painful) laser and filler treatments.
But did you know about aloe vera gel? You know, the all natural stuff that you can get at any health food store (and most drug stores) for less than $20!
According to Readers Digest, "a 2014 study of 60 participants suffering from mild to severe acne looked at whether adding aloe vera gel to a standard topical retinoid treatment would increase healing." Remarkably, those that combined the cream and the aloe vera gel saw reduced inflammation and significantly reduced scarring. The combination of retinoids, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid contribute to the dramatic efficacy.
TIP: Apply both aloe vera gel and your preferred retinol treatment twice a day to see results in about 4 weeks.
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acne scars? I've never seen any on you from the pictures that you've posted. I think your skin looks rather smooth.
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This is great!! Definitely clipped this into my makeup section. Thank you!
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Awesome! @sarahregulski 馃槀馃槂馃槃
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@marshalledgar they just got here recently with my medication change. I had a teenage break out that went bad. So now I been covering it up with makeup because it's really horrible, mostly on my cheeks.
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Definitely try this with retinol and give it 4-6 weeks. @lavonyork
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