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After releasing their teaser photos for their new MV "Attention", Up10tion decided to further kill us Honey10s by releasing two teasers. They look great in both of the teasers and I'm so excited for their comeback. They will be having a whole new concept that will showcase their manliness in a sexy way.

In case you missed the teaser images.....You're welcome ;)

1. Gyujin
2. Hwanhee
3. Xiao
4. Wei
5. Bitto
6. Wooshin
7. Sunyoul
8. Kogyeol
9. Kuhn
10. Jinhoo

Here's all of them together!!

Guys I am so excited for this!! This will be their 3rd comeback since their debut and I only expect greater things from them!! From the picture we can assume that their comeback will be on April 18th.
For more information just go here.

Are You Excited For Up10tion's Comeback??

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