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Hey guys!!

Some sad news has been shared lately and I wanted to share it with you guys.
This makes me so sad馃槶馃槶 Our Jin-Oppa always takes care of the members and makes sure they're okay and we think of him as always happy but we don't realize that sometimes we take him for granted, and all he wants is to know he is appreciated. He's is such a kind soul but he's also insecure and human! A.R.M.Y's please show your love and support for not only Jin but all of BTS. They need us to give them encouragement with their upcoming comeback!

We got this A.R.M.Y!! Let's stay strong for out boys!! Fighting! 馃挄馃挄馃挄

everyone loves jin so much. I always loved all of bts. jin is so adorable and I love how he loves to eat, how he cares for people, how he tries hard so I know everyone should pay him back by appreciating our jin our eomma. saranghaeyo jin!
Jin is my bias and when I see these things it breaks my heart 馃槶
BTS Fighting!!!
Awwwww... I feel that, because everyone calls him handsome, always good looking, and that he is in one of the most known kpop group, everyone assumed he knows that he's being appreciated. However Jin or all the members are still human beings and they can still feel insecure about their position and who they are. With a sincere compliment from us, can brighten their day and bring up their energy again. :')
jin suga and jimin all broke my heart! all 3 seem to be insecure and need alot of support now.
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