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Jin Needs Us A.R.M.Y's!!!

Hey guys!!

Some sad news has been shared lately and I wanted to share it with you guys.
This makes me so sad😭😭 Our Jin-Oppa always takes care of the members and makes sure they're okay and we think of him as always happy but we don't realize that sometimes we take him for granted, and all he wants is to know he is appreciated. He's is such a kind soul but he's also insecure and human! A.R.M.Y's please show your love and support for not only Jin but all of BTS. They need us to give them encouragement with their upcoming comeback!

We got this A.R.M.Y!! Let's stay strong for out boys!! Fighting! 💕💕💕

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@Stefany17 I TOTALLY DO!!!!
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@mesjeon do you have kakaotalk?
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sadly no ;-; u can message me on here only tbh ;-;
a year ago·Reply
@mrsjeon ill private message you then
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