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Using one man's body image as a starting point, the image was photoshopped to address the "ideal body type for men" according to a gigantic study of what is attractive in a man's body from around the world.
Superdrug Online Doctors, which is an online pharmacy based in the U.K., first undertook this type of exercise to figure out what the ideal female body looked like around the world. This time, however, it's all about men.
According to Online Doctors, “the quest for a perfect body transcends gender.” Continuing, they believe that men's quest for body perfection is “[f]ueled in part by the media and popular culture, men around the world may feel even more body image-related pressure than women do — pressure to be stronger or slimmer or more masculine. Our goal with this project is to fuel a revolution: to spark real change about body image, to empower people to prioritize health above appearance, and to promote body confidence around the world.”
How the images came about: Consisting of 11 women and eight men, the designers were tasked with using Photoshop to alter/enhance the base image into "their culture's version of the ideal male body."
Scroll left or right to see the images. Anyone have comments about these images?

I am shocked by two things:

1. Lack of any skin color variation. Egypt appears to be barely tan and that is the darkest image!
2. A lot of these guys don't come close to the images I see in Men's Health or GQ magazines. In fact, according to these images, I am too skinny, too fit.
Great questions @shannon15 There should have been a massive online quiz open to everyone. Once submitted, a smart computer could round up to the common denominator for each country. That, I would like to see.
I feel like there's so little variation because their survey pool was so tiny. They only had 19 people doing the photoshop? Did they do any research to assist them or were they just going by what they assumed?
I feel like the regular guy was just fine. I mean, he's got a little bit of a pooch but he's not auditioning to be an underwear model or anything.
The skin color is definitely a shocking factor for sure
Interesting...but I feel like it's an average, so it doesn't mean much. Different people are going to have different standards.
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