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Que tal mis amigos!

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I know you are super excited Jay Park!

Who is Jay Park?

Korean name: Park Jae-beom, Hangul: 박재범, Hanja: 朴載範 He was born April 25, 1987. Birth Place: Edmonds, WA Sign: Taurus Jay is Bilingual Jay Park "is an American singer, dancer, rapper, music producer, songwriter, model, choreographer, entrepreneur, and actor" (Wikipedia, 2016). He is known as a leader. Source

Jay Park is the true definition of a self made BO$$!

Jay Park is the Co owner of AOMG. This company is an independent South Korean record label. Simon Dominic is is partner in leading this company. AOMG is an acronym that stands for the Above Ordinary Music Group (Source).

Awards and Nominations

Jay Park is known worldwide! He has won awards for his music and been nominated for many awards. Source


Count On Me Album by Jason Born and Jay Park Release date: July 13, 2010 Label: Warner Music Korea Take a Deeper Look Album by Jay Park Release date: April 27, 2011 Label: AOMG Fresh Air: Breathe It Musical album by Jay Park Release date: May 16, 2012 New Breed Studio album by Jay Park Release date: February 7, 2012 Label: AOMG Evolution Musical album by Jay Park Release date: September 1, 2014 Label: AOMG Source

Jay Park Playlist

1. Welcome 2. Girlfriend 3. Mommae 4. Sextrip 5. The Truth Is...
Currently, Jay Park and the AOMG Crew is busy with their tour. You can follow him on twitter to keep up to date with Jay Park. He is very active on twitter.
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