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You and Taehyung walk towards a cute little playground labeled for 2-7 year olds.
He acts cutely as he jumps onto the swing by landing on his stomach flatly.
You chuckled to yourself as you stood there awkwardly, Watching him swing back and forth. He smiles as he pulls your body towards him. He wraps his arms around your lower waist line just as his forehead touches yours. You felt yourself turn really red, Your body trembles against his. He giggles as he starts to walk away.
"Oppa! Wait up!" You yelled as you ran towards him. He sets out his hand for you to accept. You both decided to walk back to the studio to see Hoseok standing outside with his right arm comforting around his torso as his other hand is covering his mouth, To seem like as if he felt worrysome.


I smiled to the thought of us being together forever. I knew she wouldn't leave my side; For no one. I see Hoseok Hyung standing there. I looked down at her to see her reaction; Her face lit up as she ran towards him, Which made me felt a bit...Jealous. I stood there in uttered silence as she hugs him with a bright smile. I felt heated to see her near him. I hated the thought of them too getting together.
"Tae Tae Oppa!" She yells. "I'm going to get something! BRB!"
I smiled to see her runaway cutely. I felt ambitious to know what's going on in her mind. I soon snapped out of thought to felt a sudden touch on my shoulder.
"Hi Taehyunggie~How've you been?" Hopie Hyung asks me with that smile of his.
"I've been alright...You hyung?"
He chuckles to himself as he looks at the ground. "I've been good myself."
I felt so incompetent to be standing next to Hyung. I hope he knows how much I have missed them all, How bad I felt to have swung or even lay a finger on Jungkook. I regret it all.
Suddenly, I heard a door slam shut, I glanced over to see (Y/N) and Jungkookie walking out together with smiles. I felt outraged.
"Hey Hyung" He says with a cheeky smile.
"Hi Kookie." I said back. He smiles as he fixes his hair. I nervously slide past him to be near (Y/N), Who was blushing as she spoke to Hoseok Hyung.


As V Hyung walks away from me, I see Hoseok giving him a dirty looking smirk.
"Hasn't he hurt my feelings enough?" He muttered uner his breath, Breathing Heavily.
"Hyung..." I whispered to him carefully, "I thought she loved you?!"
He was so disgusted by the fact that he was even near her, He keeps having that face, The face he makes everytime he sees a snake.
"Why do I always fall for the ones who are taken?! Why do I fall for the ones who own my heart, But another person owns theirs?! I hope I cross her mind once in awhile just so that I won't feel pathetic for thinking of her all the time. That painful feeling when I watch her being happy with him. She makes me happy because she exists in my world, But...She makes me sad because I know I don't exist in hers."
"Hyung...Want me to talk to her?" I asked him curiously.
"Please...." He depressingly asks. I nod yes in return with a smile as he hugs me in relief.
I see him walk inside the studio with joy in his walk. I chuckled quietly to myself then to see (Y/N) talking to V Hyung. I silently try to eavesdrop just to hear what he is telling her; I want to make sure he isn't brainwashing her with his charming looks and pretty eyes.
I tapped her shoulder with caution as he stared right into my soul.
"Well I got to go babe...See you later." He tells her. They hug in front of me as I felt like the 3rd wheel.
"I love you!" He yells at her. She blushes, "I love you too!"
I look at her with betraying eyes, "You love him?"
She starts to shake as her voice stutters, "Y-Ye-Yeah..."
"Just 20 minutes ago you said you love Hopeu Hyung?!" She denies instantly, "I never said I love him, We just....Flirted..And Kiss...Oh my I'm a bad person."
She covers her face in guilt and regret. She starts to bawl into sadness. When she looks up at me, Her eyes made her look like a melting panda.
I tried my absolute best to comfort her, "Hey...Everything will be okay..." I sighed, "But I need to ask you something..."
"Go ahead...Ask away Kookie."
"Who do you love more? Taehyung? Or Hoseok?"
She seemed to hesitat a bit. Like, As is she didn't know the answer, "I-I don't know..." She hugged herself as she continues, "I love Taehyung for the longest time, I mean like.. We have been together for 3 years, Of course he'll always be in my heart but...Hobi...I have mixed feelings for him...I don't know what can happen between us...Should I be with Taehyunggie? Or Hoseokie?"
Honestly, I support her whoever she decides to be with but, I'm gonna ship her with Hyung... "I believe you should listen to your heart...But my heart says for you to be with Hoseok Hyung."
She took it all seriously as she starts to pace back and forth sub-consciously. I stood there as she started mumbling to herself. I thought she was literally crazy.
"Why don't we go inside (Y/N)?" I asked her to comfort her. She insists as she walks inside. She starts to breathe heavier by the minute. I start to worry very brutally.
"Are you okay (Y/N)?!" I asked her worryingly. She just stands there as she breathes a lot faster; Her face was really red, She was shaking stutteringly, She couldn't speak to me verbally. "Quick! Someone call an ambulance!!!" Jin Hyung demands yellingly. I run over and call them.
"They're coming Hyung!" I told him. Hoseok Hyung quickly picked her up bridally and took her into his own hands.
"C'mon!" Namjoon Hyung yelled. Hoseok took her outside as she starts to gasp for air. She starts to sweat heavily as her face turned a bright, deep purple. I was scared to death for her. The Paramedics took her, and set her inside the ambulance mobile. Hoseok crawls inside as he holds her hand. She shakes as her right foot would tremble around. She tries to breathe but she was dying on the outside. He gave her CPR instantly without any hesitation. She starts to breathe a bit better but they were short breaths.


{Still Jungkookie's Perspective}
As we all wait in the waiting room, V Hyung shows up breathing hard.
"I ran here as fast as I could....Is she okay?!" He suddenly asks.
"She is being checked out." Says Suga Hyung.
"Her doctor will tell us if she is okay or not." Sadly spokens Jimin Hyung.
I simply asked, "Who is her doctor?" Jin Hyung coldy stares at the floor without moving but his lips, "Dr. Estell."
As we all sit there patiently, Except for me; Dr. Estell comes out with her clipboard in hand. "Yes Hello! Are you all close with (Y/N)?"
Jin Hyung immediately takes charge for her, "Yes we are. I'm Kim Seokjin."
"Nice to meet you. If you would like to see her, She is in room B1."
He bows respectily, "Okay thank you so much."
We all walk into her room quietly as she layed there purely. Of course, Taehyung holds her hand as he kisses her forehead. Hoseok glanced over with betrayal in his eyes.
"What are we gonna do Hyung?" Jimin asks Jin.
"Just wait...Miracles can happen..." He says as he slowly starts to tear up, As well as everyone else, Even Suga Hyung!
"What caused all of this?" I asked. Suga Hyung embracingly touches my shoulder as he responds, "She had an anxiety attack. I don't know why but...The world may never know."
I thought to myself, 'This is all my fault, I'm the one who brought her here, I caused her the emotions of pain, I'm the one who should be laying in the hospital bed; Not her.'
My thoughts were intruded. I snapped back into reality as I walked out of the room. I motioned Yoongi Hyung as he nods. He quietly comes over to me as I shut the door behind him.
I began to fall on my knees in guilt,
"Hyung! It's all my fault!" I cried, "I was the one who caused her anxiety!"
"Woah Woah Woah~ Calm down Kookie, Tell me everything."
I continued as my eyes felt grieved, "Well....You know how she is still with Taehyung, She loves him! That's a undeniable fact. But....You may not know this but...Hoseok Hyung is in love with (Y/N)...He has been even before they were together....He confessed to her not long ago...And she messed with his feelings and still had the nerve to go back to V Hyung...I was angry with her...She needs to wake up from LaLa land and pay attention to the real world. So I asked her who she loves more, Hoseok or Taehyung? She started to gasp for air and was turning purple. I never thought it would end like that...I just regret everything...I wish I can just apologize to her..."

So Hoseokie Oppa...Tell me how my story was!

I'll help you...My story...

Alright...I see how it is

Cliffhanger Much? Hmm...

Hehehe okay Hobi I'm sorry xD But Oppa knows what to tell the readers!

Thank you for reading :D

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