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Hey everyone, I haven't been very active on here lately but I'll start getting back soon! It's just been so busy for me lately!! >< But I have an update I'd like to share with you all.
So I hit 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel and now I'm stepping up my game!! My friend & I will now run the YouTube page together and do some cool things I couldn't do by myself! We're calling ourselves Transcended Hearts <3 I will still do my own choreography videos, but my friend will join me with some as well! She thrives at a different style of dance than I do, but we blend well together still! Neither of us have actual dance experience but we love to dance anyways~ We've even got something cool cooked up for SuperStar KCON & well be entering the contest for this summer!
We will also play games, do reactions, vlog, and more~ BTW if you guys haven't played the whisper challenge before, I really recommend it, its fun & entertaining xD
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so coooool. I'll follow your YouTube too. Looks fab!