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Has anybody else watched the show "Re:Zero" yet? There's 2ish episodes so far (1A, 1B and 2) and I just watched them all. Pretty dang enjoyable if you ask me!!!

Here's my preview of the Episodes 1A, 1B and 2!

(possible spoilers)

Thoughts Before Starting Re:Zero:

Expecting a lot of cliches simply because it's taking on the style of many other fantasy/action show premises (i.e. boy seems to get sucked into parallel or game world, etc).

Anime Details:

Title: Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-
Japanese Title: Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活
Episodes: 24
Airing Spring 2016 onward

Initial Impressions:

Woah. Much, much better than I expected! This so far has reminded me of ERASED or Madoka Magica, haha, but fantasy style. I'm really curious about how long it's going to take Subaru to be able to hone his abilities and fix things. He keeps going to the same point, but it took him a while to figure that out clearly.
So, somethings to point out. This show makes you think he's going to fall into all the tropes (heck, even HE thinks he's going to), but instead he manages to subvert them all. He thinks a girl summoned him there, nope. He thinks he's going to have magical powers, nope (not yet, anyways haha, I still have my suspicious).
I really like the characters we've met so far - Satella (name...?), Felt, even Elsa. They're all really interesting characters and I want to learn more about so many things - why does it matter that she's half elf? Who does Elsa work for? Does she know what's going on? Does anybody but Subaru know what's going on? So many questions...
So far my favorite character is Satella, as we saw in the first run through, is really great. Clearly very caring about others, even when she has her own problems to deal with. Felt seems like she'll be a favorite, too, but I want to get to know her more still!
Reinhard also seems really interesting, though I really know nothing about him yet so it's hard to say how I feel. Subaru trying over and over to change things has been amusing, especially because he's a gamer in his own world and has these ideas of what should and shouldn't work out. Pretty enjoyable~~
So into this show already! I only watched 3ish episodes, but I want to watch more ASAP!

Overall Episode Impressions:

Visuals: 8
Animation: 9
Sound design: 8
Storyboard: 8
World/setting: 10
Character designs: 10
OP + ED: 8
Entertainment: 10
Voice acting: 8

Am I Going to Continue?

Yep!!! This will definitely be one I keep going with for a bit longer. Plus, I really want to know if Satella is a witch or not ;) And this show is going to be two-cour, which means it's confirmed to have a lot of interesting things coming our way! I'm pretty sure this show is just going to be full of suffering, and I'm down with that. Actually, this show seems to have everything I like in a show, so I'm really psyched!

Anyone else watching? Let me know if you are & I'll tag you in future cards!

Yet another anime this season, I HAVE 2 check out.
i hope this anime it gonna had alot of season
I finished watching it, and It's really good :) it almost has the same element like Boku dake ga inai machi, but it's still really good. can't wait for episode 3
I just finished downloading the two first episodes and episode 2. really looking forward to watching it :)
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