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@Stefany17 posted a card and it really grabbed my attention. These boys work so hard for their fans to be happy and they don't get the credit they deserve, so I'm making this card to hopefully show my appreciation for these guys.
Hobie, you are my true sunshine. if I'm ever feeling down I can go back and watch Bangtan Bombs and I can always count on you bringing a smile to m face. You are so wonderful and I hope you know that. dont ever let anyone take away your beautiful smile
V, you always have a way (like Jhope) to make me smile. I see the way you love your friends and I love your big heart. There's no reason for you to ever feel intimidated by others because I know that they'll love you like A.R.M.Y loves you.
to our genius leader....don't get discouraged. A.R.M.Y respects and appreciates you for all that you do for BTS. You are a wonderful leader, and by far the coolest guy on the block ;) thank you for doing your best for A.R.M.Y
Jungkook, you are so talented. you've worked so hard to be the idol you are today and I am super impressed by you. I know you'll continue working hard, and we'll support you always.
Suga, you deserve to be happy. You work so hard producing songs, writing lyrics, etc. We will never know how much you actually do, but know that your work is appreciated. we love you so much so please let yourself be happy.
jimin, thank you for being the sweetest angel. you are always there to comfort your friends when they need it and I know they love you for that. I don't know what all you're going through but I know that everything will be ok. keep your chin up, and keep being yourself.
Jin, I want you to know that WE WANT YOU HERE. without you BTS is nothing. if one of you is missing, the group is incomplete. your friends need you and A.R.M.Y needs you. don't pay attention to those ppl that are saying you don't matter, bc they don't matter. You are a vital part of BTS and we want you here. you keep them grounded and together. they need their mom to keep them in line. if I ever take for granted the role you play in this group I'm sorry, but know that we love you so much Jin!!!!
BTS fighting!!!!
@Deluzional I wish they would see just once how much everyone loves and appreciates them.... it hurts to see my boys hurt
This and what they need to hear made me cry so much. I hate the idea that any of them would ever feel under appreciated! I really wish we could all tell them how great of a job they are doing, and how much it means to us all. BTS FIGHTING!! 😭❤️
our guys are just amazing and I feel they don't hear it enough. BTS fighting!