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Hey Everyone, Here's Chapter 5

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The knock at the door just had to interrupt this moment. I was upset. With just one more minute, I was going to tell Y/N how I felt about her. Next time, Jackson, next time. I thought to myself. I noticed we both looked at the door and then back at each other. This was my cue to move, so I moved a little bit giving her room to slide through to open the door. "Hi um, is Jackson in here? We need to talk to him" I  heard my name and immediately walked towards the door. Once I got there, I saw JB, Mark and Junior standing in front of the door. "Hey JB Hyung, I'm right here. What is it? I said "We need to head back to the stud-" "Ah yes, of course lets go Hyung" I interrupted him before he could finish off the sentence. I could already tell Y/N was confused when I looked at her. "Um, Jackson who are these guys?" She said to me "Um, these guys are m-my roomates" I replied back studdering. 'Nice going Jackson, she's gonna be wondering what that was about'  "This is JB Hyung, This is Mark Hyung and this is Junior Hyung" I continued. "Hi, nice to meet you all, I'm y/n, your next door neighbor I believe" I giggled once I saw her facepalm herself. "Hi y/n, its nice to meet you as well. I hope we get to see each other more often to get to know you more better" Mark replied She was in shock, and  Mark and I could tell. He giggled at her expression. "I didnt know you spoke english Mark" She said to him "Yeah I know English, I was born in Los Angeles haha" She then waved at JB and Junior since she knew they must not know what was going on. I noticed JB Hyung kept staring at her, eyeing her up and down. Something was boiling inside me, I didnt like it one bit. "Okay lets go or we'll be late to the studio Hyung's" I said in Korean so she wouldn't understand what I said. We all  started walking back to our room but as soon as JB, Mark and Junior Hyung were inside, I went  back to Y/N to tell her I had forgotten something in her apartment. She let me in. Y/N waited patiently by the door but I was taking a while to get back so she decided to close the door and go find me. She found me standing by the wall. "Are you alright Jackson? You are acting weird ever since your roomates showed up in my front door." "I-I'm fine, just...thinking is all" "Thinking about what exactly?" She said I looked up at her and bit my lip. "Jackson, seriously your freaking me out? What's going on?" "N-Nothing y/n, I just...nevermind" I said walking past her to the door. She followed behind me and as I opened the door to walk out, she grabbed my arm. I was now in the middle of her apartment and the hall. "What is it Jackson, tell me. I can tell something is wrong by the look on your face." I turned around and looked at her again biting my lip. "I-I can't y/n, please, let me go before I do something I'll regret" She let go of my arm but I still stood their looking at her. She kept looking at me and I could tell something was on her mind by the way she tilted her head to the side. The silence was then broken. "Okay fine, I wont pressure you into telling me then. But i'm here if you need to talk to someone okay?" She said to me. Again, their was silence but my eyes never left hers. She was about to close the door, but I placed my hand on the door preventing her from closing it. She looked at me confused. I couldn't control my feelings anymore so I grabbed her arm and pulled her close to my chest, our faces close to each other.  I noticed her breathing became fast and her body tensing up when it touched mine. Being this close to her was making me crazy. "I never got to finish what I started inside before the knock interrupted us y/n" I whispered in a husky voice to her ear. My hands slipped down to her waist and I heard her gasp... This is it Jackson. Your moment. Take it now or regret it. Soon after that.... My lips were now on hers.



Have you ever felt like you can do anything? Ever felt such beautiful things floating in your stomach and that you can pretty much do anything in the world because you were happy? Or all the stress and worries you felt disappearing? Ever wanted to hold onto someone so bad because they made you feel so good inside and safe? Well... Let me tell you something... I feel all of this because of one person who landed my way....His name.. Jackson Wang. As our lips clashed together all I can think of was how good it felt to be this close to him. Every worries I had seemed to fade away. Of course we only just met, so it won't be that easy to just get right in with him. I want to get to know him more and see the type of person he is. His touch, the warmth of his body close to mine, those lips on mine were like a drug to me. But I can't give in to him so quickly. I will need to contain everything I have so I won't look desperate. I heard the door opening from the apartment next door so I stopped the kiss before anyone saw us and pushed him away from me lightly. I won't lie, I didn't want to stop, but it had to be done.  Jackson chuckled. Even when I pushed him away from me, he kept looking at me with a smirk. Then we see JB coming out of the apartment. "Jackson, we were waiting for you,  hurry up and get your things already were gonna be late! " he said looking at Jackson angry Jackson just nodded and went inside. This left JB and me alone... In the hallway.. It was so awkward. I didn't know what to do. We both couldn't speak since he doesn't know English and I don't know Korean. All he was doing was looking at me. I smiled and waved at him and he did the same back to me.  He then started walking towards me and stopped right in front of me. "You... Are... Bery..Pretty Y/N" He said trying to speak in English.  I chuckled at the way he pronounced 'Very' "Thank you JB" I said with a smile Then Mark showed up along with a not-so-happy Jackson behind him. JB turned away from looking at me and looked at Mark and Jackson. "Where are the others? We need to get going already" He said in Korean. Soon after that, 4 other guys came out of the apartment. "Oh My God,  how many of you are their" I said in shock Mark busted out laughing from what I said.  "They are the rest of our group" He then said after calming down from laughing "Group?" I said raising an eyebrow "He means the rest of our roommate group" Jackson cut in I saw Mark look at Jackson and nudged him on the side. "Oh hello their, are you new here?" One of the 4 boys that came out asked "I-I'm sorry,  I don't know what you said" I say looking down in embarrassment "Ah sorry,  I didn't know.  I was asking if your new here? My name is BamBam" He said Oh wow he can speak English too? Well, I can tell he struggles a bit but he's not bad at it.  "Oh yes,  I am new.  I just moved here." He smiled at me and said "Well welcome! I hope you have a good day today" and hugged me. The others that came out looked at me,  smiled and waved.  Then they all started to head out to wherever they were going. I was about to walk back inside my door when I felt someone grab me and spin me around. He pulled me close to him that our bodies touched and then he kissed me with so much passionate. "I had to do this one more time today before I left with the others" He said He gave me a wink, bit his lip and jogged off to meet the rest of his roommates. I was left alone with a surprised face. Then, I proceeded inside my apartment, closed the door, went into my room, and got into bed. Damn you Jackson Wang, Your gonna be the death of me


After seeing JB and Y/N alone and how close he was with her, I couldn't help but want to hurt him. Even though he's our leader, I would still do it. Everyone else came out. I saw BamBam going towards Y/N. I was thinking, great, not another guy going after her, but he just asked her a simple question,  hugged her and that's it. We all started heading out but I couldn't leave without doing something first. I walked back just in time before Y/N went inside her apartment. I grabbed her arm, turned her around, pushed her close to my body and passionately kissed her.  "I had to do this one more time today before I left with the others" I say to her while our faces were close to each other. I pulled back,  gave her a wink biting my lip and jogged back out to meet the rest of the guys. *At the Studio* We arrived at the studio so one by one we got off. We noticed it got dark already but we like to practice during the night. Everyone was already inside except me and Mark. We always were the last to get inside. Mark comes up from behind and grabs my shoulder giving me a smirk. "W-what's with the smirk? " I say to him "Don't play dumb with me Jackson, spill" He says still with that smirk on his face. "I don't know what yo-" "You like her don't you? " Mark said cutting me off and wiggling his eyebrows. I stopped walking and noticed he did too. He got closer to me and said.. "Jackson, you know you can come to me whenever you need to talk right?" I looked at him and he could sense something was up. He is my best friend after all so obviously he would catch on. "Woa, it's that big of a deal isn't it" He said to me I didn't know what to say to him. I just nodded my head yes. He then put his arm around my shoulder and told me "You'll be fine Jackson, I know you had an ugly past but, not every girl is like your ex" "Thanks Mark,  I'm just afraid of how she will react when she finds out I'm an idol" I say to him while looking down. "I knew it! Why didn't you tell her? What if she finds out from someone else? Then what will you do? " He said "She's going to be super busy with school and work,  she won't have time to hang out with anyone. I should be fine" I say Mark didn't agree with my response but he just let it go. Then we went inside the studio to join the others for practice so we can then head home and sleep. "Interesting, so she doesn't know huh Jackson. Well I'll make sure she does. If I can't have you Jackson Baby.... No one will."

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