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Hello Giants Fans!

I am planning on doing a weekly poll on your favorite Giants moment from each week! So, since we had our very first full week of Giants baseball, here is this week's San Francisco Giants Community Poll!

Q: What was your favorite home run from last week?

1. Hunter Pence's Grand Slam

2. Trevor Brown's No-Hitter Breaking Home Run

3. Madison Bumgarner's Home Run Against Clayton Kershaw

4. Brandon Crawford's Walk Off Home Run

Calling on my Giants fam...

What was your favorite home run from last week? Feel free to comment below!

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@BrandonMatthewW Haha was it you that had a feeling Pence's first homer was going to be a grand slam?
@ChristopherKenn Walkoff home runs are always fun
@DucktheFodgers @mchlyang I'm with you guys haha. I love seeing pitchers hit one out of the park!
@edwinthepenguin Whoa...no way!!!!!! That is so cool haha
@davidgom I'm 6 years older than him...