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This is pretty much every time there's a concert I want to go to. It goes from a bunch of us wanting to go, to a smaller group of us talking about how exciting it will be once we get there, to only a few of us willing to buy tickets, to me being the only one that does.

Flake on, flakes! Flake on!

@arnelli You are a kind Soft Bottom.
@danidee haha thanks :)
@Gibbous1992 you said it
@danidee I AM NOT A KILLER harsh punishment as death is reserved for very special people
I understand the feels, because most of my friends have jobs, so like if there's a kpop concert that comes up, we plan months ahead of time so that we can get those times off work at the same time. When it comes time to pay for the tickets, they want to drop out because they expect me to pay for the whole thing, like seriously -_-
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