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So, TVXQ is the reason I got into Kpop way back when, and while I don't listen to their music anymore, the FIVE boys hold a very very special place in my heart.

After the lawsuit and Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu leaving, it was really rough for everyone.

I recently saw a gif set of Jaejoong thanking his fans for staying by him and it got me actually tearing up.

“In the conflict with the company, I had tough times in my twenties. It’s not a proper thing to say in front of my parents who are here but we were like...we should go farming if we fail. Because the canceling fees (for the contract) were too expensive. We didn’t have that much money. We came out for our liberty and happiness.
We said, “If we lose the lawsuit, let’s just leave and die.” That’s what we were feeling. We wanted happiness so badly.
We won our freedom not because we were great or because we were very wise but because you kept cheering for us. Without you, we had nothing to rely on. We would not have been so brave.
So I would like to say, what I am proud of for the most since my debut is every one of you. Thank you so much! You are my biggest achievement.

This is why we're fans :)

Although TVXQ broke up a long time ago it's always amazing to see fans standing by their sides through all of this.
no im fine. i just have a jaEJOONG-YOU-ARE-SO-CUTE-IM-CRYING in my eye. hahahaa
OMG Dong Bang Shin Ki were my ultimate bias before i even knew what that meant. I discover them when they were debuting so im one of the old fans from the beginning. it really devastated me when they broke up because even though i knew of other groups like Suju and Big Bang, i didn't entirely 'listen' to them like i did dbsk. They were the ones who opened my eyes to this crazy world of kpop boy groups. after the breakup was official, some where in 2009? im not sure but i felt like i was wondering around a kpop desert, looking for my best friends only to find out it was a mirage. anyhow, i didn't think i would ever get out of that until i heard SHINee. They were the reason i ventured out and started listening to other groups. i vowed never to put all my fan energy again into just one group. i mean i have a bias group now but i know nothing last forever and if my group breaks up at least i still have the other groups to listen to. oh, and i still listen to old dbsk songs. have some of my favs on my phone. i honestly don't think i will ever be able to let them go. after all, they were my first kpop boy group i fell for. sorry so long if you manage to read this whole thing. 😊😊😘
This is beautiful... he is amazing... this really make me tear up... I m so glad he made it to this point and got his happiness!!!!😢😢😢😢
wow, I never knew that. so sad but very happy for them to win back their freedom and inalienable rights.
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