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Anyone who is my friend on fb knows that I post or share a lot of BTS/KPOP stuff. So to my complete surprise, an old friend of mine posts something on my wall. Now at first I was like "huh" but when I clicked to read the post I screamed in excitement and almost threw my phone across the room. Apparently all my kpop posts convinced her to check out a few videos and she came to me for help.
I've basically educated her on the basics and even talked into download Kakaotalk and joining our kpop group chat. She's even interested in checking out dramas! I cannot wait. I'll make a kpopper out of her. And one day, maybe she'll grace us Vinglers with her presence.
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@ChelseaJay lol I know I wasn't!
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Hey check ur pm!!
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yes bring her to the dark side....we have kookie and we have tae yang and Minho and and so many more this is the best dark side ever!
2 years ago·Reply
@gameboygirl2 brings back so many memories.
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cool lol
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