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Ahhh, the classic school battle harem show. But this one has caught my eye, so I'm giving it a chance!
Spoilers for Ep 1 and Ep 2 in this card!

Thoughts Before Starting Hundred:

This is gonna be a another battle harem, right?
Anime Details:
Title: Hundred
Japanese Title: ハンドレッド
Episodes: 12
Airing Spring 2016

Initial Impressions:

Well, I think the weapons are again really interesting, even if they do remind me of some other shows (like Asterisk wars) in terms of compatibility ranking and all that. Plus, the main "queens" in both shows seems similar, though the details of their past does differ so far.
I like that Emile is a "guy" but they haven't even gotten too far into the MC being confused about that yet - though the audience should know & I suspect some others do as well. I also have a strong feeling that Emile was in that flashback MC keeps dreaming, but I guess we'll find that out later.
So far I'd say the premise of this world is interesting, though not necessarily unique from other battle school animes. Not that that's a bad thing! If you like that kind of show, you'll probably like this one, too. I'm looking at you @BlackoutZJ.
There's a far share of fanservice & I feel it slanting in a harem direction, though how fleshed out that will be is still unclear, as I have a feeling Emile will be the only true interest (I hope).
The fights are fun, there's some mystery (how exactly is he so powerful? what was up with his eyes, and why can't he remember?!!!), and there's a lot of cute characters, so if you like battle school anime, definitely check this one out!

Overall Episode Impressions:

Visuals: 7
Animation: 7
Sound design: 7
Storyboard: 7
World/setting: 7
Character designs: 10
OP + ED: 8
Entertainment: 8
Voice acting: 7

Am I Going to Continue?

I'm going to give it a few more episodes to see if it goes up or down in terms of quality!! It definitely hits a ton of cliches, but that's up to you if you like it or not - sometimes, that just makes the show more fun! I worry it'll get cringey if it carries on like this, but I made it so far in Asterisk Wars (which, I'm sorry, can be cringey at times) so why not this?
*puts it on list*
I'm liking hundred its good
@simplynick yeah, he's not as weak minded as in many other shows - he has a real mission pushing him forward, I think, so he's not as annoying as many other battle harem shows MCs yet!!!
it's good
guess I'll start it tonight since I already have the first two just never pressed that mighty play button
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