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MBC′s upcoming drama Two Weeks has started on its course with its first script reading session. The session was held on June 10, with lead actors Lee Joon Gi, Park Ha Sun, Ryu Soo Young and Kim So Yeon. Before delving into the script, Lee Joon Gi first said in a speech, "I′ll work hard with my seniors and juniors to make Two Weeks this year′s biggest piece." Screenwriter So Hyun Kyung explained in detail the situations each actor′s role would be set in, while producer Son Hyung Seok gave his opinion on the actors′ tone and emotions. Lee Joon Gi became Jang Tae San, a man who never thinks toward his future, and brought his staff near tears as he acted out the scene in which he learns he has a daughter and is framed for a crime. Two Weeks is about how a man who is framed for murder learns he has a daughter suffering from leukemia and works hard for two weeks to save her. It will air its first episode on August. Source: So excited to see Jun Ki on screen again. I definitely haven't had enough of him since he returned from the army! You can read more about this drama here
i'll b waiting for this, last seen him in the time b/n dog and wolf,,,,, i simply like his eyes soo cute,,
love to see this upcoming drama..can't wait..joon gi fighting