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What happened when I told my friends I liked anime...
when I first started to watch anime I didn't speak of it to my friends because I thought they thought it was lame. but then we played a game we call "be honest, no lies" and this is what happened.....
After that I became from this.....
...To this....
and I started to speak up for those who were judged for what they liked and for how they looked like. I have a good habit of seeing the positive in any situation and I learned it from anime. I learned that friendship is important but it can only take you so far sometimes there are solo mission you must accomplish by your self. Now, I want to spread happiness and joy to everyone regardless of what they like. Anyways..... I'm getting to dramatic here. Tell me, how did you tell your friend that you liked to read manga or watch anime? What did you learn from anime? leave it in the comment below.
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Wow, This was a very good story. I wish i had half the courage you do. I kinda keep it to myself, anime has played an important role in my life. I don't know what'd I be without it. Thanks for sharing!
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@Alcides13 Honestly, later on I wondered "why was I so afraid to say it I like anime?" To be honest they ARE just shows (we make people believe that) it's like someone liking star wars or any other TV series. The key to tell your friends is to keep it cool and say it straight up make it seem like it's just a show. And if they love you like they claim they will accept it (eventually) If others can like pretty little liars and the flash and things like that you can love anime all you want.
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It wasn't too hard for me since I became friends with them by saying I liked anime though I would guess it's because I don't care what others think cause I like myself for the weird person I am and if they don't I don't need them around. But good job I know for lots of others it's hard to do since they aren't sure of themselves or what those closest to them will think. Lol I ramble too much sometimes馃槅
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@BloodNigh345t It's good to be sure of yourself and not giving a sh*t what others think. and well yeah, you can also get friends by saying you like anime. 馃槀馃槀
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