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Ivy”s P.O.V.
“yea?” he said as he walked up looking down at a book.
“let me borrow your lighter this customer needs it.” The waiter said.
I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! What is going on that’s the guy from my dreams the man I had been fantasizing about the man I drew!!!!!!!!!!
What is going on....
i starred in disbelief. how could this be happening?!?!???!?!?!?
“Miss???” I snapped out of it to see the waiter handing me the lighter and jimin staring right back at me.
“oh sorry I'm kinda nervous I haven’t seen my mom in two years, since I've been in the states and I'm just scared. Thank you for the lighter.” I say to the waiter.
“oh so that’s whats going on. Wow that’s a great gift shes getting for her birthday and don’t worry just bring the lighter back when your done we will be here till closing.” The waiter says to me and I tried to just pay attention to him and not jimin staring at us having a conversation.
I bowed again telling them that I would bring it back soon and headed back towards mark.
Mark then gave me a quick pat on the head and smiled towards me.
“don’t worry kid we got this.” He said to me as he lifted my chin up and said “ she will love the surprise, but lets hurry up we don’t have much time now.”
With that we headed up stairs, but I could still feel someone staring at me as I walked up.
Byeol’s P.O.V.
I was standing their watching my mom and and all my aunts crying as they watched Ivy’s video.
I almost started to cry myself, but then I remembered that my sister was actually downstairs and I almost started to laugh so I just covered my mouth and closed my eyes. When my mom saw this she thought that I was crying to and started to comfort me. I felt so bad but I knew we were coming towards the end of the video. Just a couple more seconds and i'm home free.
“ I know that you must be sad thinking that you can’t celebrate and be happy without me there but remember mom I will always love you. now turn around and blow out your candles.” Said the ivy recording.
With those last words the room became pitch black, and the soft glow from the candles could be seen right behind us I turned my mom around and thank god she cried so much she wasn’t paying attention to the person holding the cake.
Everyone started to sing happy birthday to her but, She blew the candles out quickly and closed her eyes to make a wish.
Ivy’s P.O.V.
Mark stuck his ear to the door to listen his eyes popped open. “light them now we barely made it!!!”
I lit the candles up and we slowly and quietly made our way in to the room it was pretty dark already so nobody really noticed us come in. “...now turn around and blow out your candles.” Came from the recording as soon as I got in position.
I was a mere feet from my mom and she didn’t even notice she was crying and holding on to my sister so tightly i'm sure that she would fall if byeol wasn’t holding her. Everyone started to sing happy birthday to her, but she quickly blew out the candles and closed her eyes to make a wish.
As she was praying mark turned on the lights.
Everyone in the room starred in disbelief. A couple people almost spoke but my uncles kept singing happy birthday and shot lazer beams out of their eyes to anyone that didn’t continue singing.
Mark then came and took the cake from me and nodded to byeol.
I looked to her with a questioning look but she seemed to understand what mark was saying. With that byeol let go of my moms hand and replaced it with mine. So then byeol slipped away to stand in front of my mom next to mark and Vicky.
I was left standing there at her side as everyone finished singing and she just kept her eyes closed praying i'm sure for everyone’s health and happiness. When she was finally done she slowly opened her eyes to see the cake, Vicky, mark, and byeol.
she smiled at them and then blinked her eyes and looked at them again.
When she finally realized that byeol and Vicky were standing in front of her the grip on my hand tightened. I was already crying anticipating this moment. She slowly turned to face me and gasped.
“hi mom.”
Her grip on me loosened and her legs started to give.
I grabbed her before she fell.
Vicky ran up with a chair and we sat her in it.
I kneeled down in front of her.
“mommy are you ok? mom?” I said to her as she started to regain consciousness.
“ivy???” I heard her say. As she opened her eyes and looked straight into mine.
“hey momma.” I said to her again as I laid my head on her lap
“Ivy!!!” she said through tears as she hugged my shoulders.
“I’ve missed you so much.”
“I’ve missed you too momma”
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Awww...the best gift she could give her mom!!😊 Can't wait to see how things progress with her mystery dream man Jimin!