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{NC} My Favorite Genderbend Characters, Day 10
So for today I couldn't just pick one character so I'm going with all the DMMD characters. I think they are all pretty hot as guys and cute as girls.


This is the closest to my favorite but not my #1 because I just can't choose favorites. I actually cosplayed genderbend Noiz for Sakura Con 2016.


Am I the only one that really loves his kimono? I really like the colors and the flower pattern.


Oh my gosh, he's just so adorable. I might just die from his cuteness!


Cause everybody wants that Aobooty.

Trip and Virus

All I have to say about this is bromance.


Personally I think he looked like a girl to begin with.


I really like the hair and tattoos.


I really like the style of clothing he has. I just wish I could have found more genderbent stuff for him.
Well that concludes my card that's way longer than it should have been. But I had a lot of fun making it. I hoped you guys liked it.
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